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by Dan M | Posted on Friday, June 30th, 2017


Knowing that the majority of golfers in the world can’t afford
to have a golf pro at their beckoning call on speed dial 24-7, I
wanted to provide players a device that would help reinforce good
habits while eliminating bad ones. That’s why The Swing Commander is a
“one-of-a-kind”, advanced golf swing trainer crafted by Swing
Commander, L.L.C.
Having traveled the world teaching and playing the game for
nearly 40 years I’ve encountered numerous misconceptions, myths and
ill-conceived swing aids that people have employed with less than
stellar results. I’ve been asked over the years to endorse a number of
golf training devices and personally felt that the majority of the
devices failed on numerous counts. So a few years ago I decided to
developed my own swing trainer.
When my first golf instructional book came out in 2002 a friend
of mine named Brian Costa, who’s an engineer and golf enthusiast,
approached me about my idea and together we re-shaped the original
design that appeared in my book. What we came up with you can see in
the photograph. Our swing trainer is lightweight, portable, free
standing and you can use your own equipment.
We secured a U.S. Patent and now have a newer U.S. patent that
can be used for Baseball training as well.
I have taken the Swing Commander with me when hosting golf
clinics and have exposed the device to thousands of golfers. All have
loved the results…even those that only had a chance to use it
Brian and I knew the merits of our device were right on the mark
because it has made an impact on golfers games and minds almost
instantaneously. I can’t tell you how many people over the years have
told us both how much the image of the cords have left a great visual
mindset stamped on the brain.
One of the greatest problems in the billion dollar golf industry is mis-communication. One can go to 10
different teachers and get 10 different answers to questions regarding
your game. Essentially, most qualified instructors will deal with
sound fundamentals like stance, grip and posture. It’s from this area
onward that things get cloudy and confusing for most golfers. That’s
where our golf swing trainer takes over. Once you step inside the
device, which weighs 22 lbs and takes under a minute to assemble,
you’re ready to start learning what a great golf swing should feel
like. The adjustable training device can be used by golfers as tall as
7ft or as short as 4ft. You can set it up in the backyard, garage,
take it to the driving range or golf club.
Here’s how it works. Two bungee cords are arranged so one cord
is on the inside of the golfer’s swing plane and the other is on the
outside of the swing plane. The inner cord is a little lower than the
outside cord. The outer cord is higher, forming a perpendicular
surface to the swing plane. Together, the space between the cords
represents your intended target line (the direction you want the ball
to travel). These cords can be narrowed to increase the difficulty
level as you continue to improve.
Once you’ve adjusted the attached cords according to your
particular height, you are ready to start swinging. The idea is to not
hit the cords on the takeaway or follow-through. If you take the club
back to steep, the cords will grab the club and not allow you to
continue swinging, thus keeping you from creating poor swing habits.
If you take away the club too abruptly inside(laying the clubface open) the cords will capture the club’s shaft and
not allow you to complete the swing.
The premise behind the trainer is incredibly simple. The key
element that the training device was designed to do is give the player
immediate feedback. There is no grey area when swinging on the
trainer…you either do it correctly or you’re going to be restricted
by the attached cords. It can be frustrating initially as it’s a real
wake up call to golfers identifying their mistakes. It’s tough in the
beginning, but the alternative is never improving and continuing to
look for quick fixes, or band aid solutions. To play great golf is to
have a sound repetitive swing that has very few moving parts.
Over the years while observing students using the device we saw a
significant increase in golfers distances and vastly improved ball
striking which leads to better scoring. Most importantly, the golfers
kept things simple instead of having a multitude of random swings
thoughts. The trainer was designed to provide golfers instantaneous
feedback so players can learn quicker and achieve greater results.
The Swing Commander golf swing trainer has 22 possible
adjustments so that users can work on a multitude of shots, ranging
from full drives to knockdown shots and even chipping and putting.
Using the swing trainer will help you ingrain the correct swing
fundamentals while minimizing errors. As a golf professional and
instructor I believe the best way to learn is by knowing how to
internalize, interpret, digest and duplicate information in a way that
makes sense to you and only you.
When you have a moment go to the website to learn more about our
game changing golf trainer. The fully assembled trainer is just over
12 feet wide, allowing for the full swing with a driver. The collapsed
trainer fits in a golf travel bag ready for transport to the driving
range or the privacy of your back yard. The Swing Commander is
constructed from UV resistant plastic-coated steel pipes and plastic
fittings. High Strength to Weight Ratio.
If you want this to be the year to get your golf game back
online checkout www.amazon.com/Swing-Commander-Golf-Full-Trainer or
Tom Ward can be contacted at www.teetimewithtom.com


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