Tom’s Quick Tip: Slingshot Drill

by Dan M | Posted on Friday, September 15th, 2017


This week I have a terrific golf drill that will get your swing
back on track immediately.
I had my student take his normal stance over the ball then place
the golf club out in front of his body, about hip level high, as seen
in the top left photo. Now throw caution to the wind and sling the
club head back letting the laws of physics and centrifugal force take
The top right photo is the golfer at the top of his backswing
from the initial position as seen in the previous photo. I drew an
arrow near the right leg to showcase how he has utilized the leg to
absorb the coiling effect of the backswing. His upper body is turning
against the braced lower body in order to create the rubber band
spring like effect we are all look for. If you learn to wind the body
up in the correct sequence going back, it will unwind on the
downswing, in the proper sequence, resulting in well struck golf
The bottom left photo is the golfer at the moment of impact. In
that same photo I’ve drawn a line by his shoulders to highlight that
they are square at impact which is ideal… not open. You can clearly
see by the circle around his clubface and ball that the ball was hit
solidly releasing all stored up power from the backswing.
Finally, in the bottom right photo you can see how the golfer
hit the ball with power and accuracy… towards the intended target.
The arrow shows how his head is still down well past impact and his
arms are fully extended. The circle around the clubface and ball
shows how the toe is pointing upwards which is almost identical to the
top left photo where he started the sequence.
Needless to say my friend was surprised to see how well he hit the
ball from such an awkward stance… and the club starting well out in
This particular drill is designed to help free up the club head
to swing around the body instead of trying to guide or manipulate the
club which can lead to a multitude of problems. That’s why most
golfers practice swings are better than their real swing because they
are not trying to hit the ball.
Doing this drill creates a powerful chain reaction action which
activates the legs to remain more flexed and braced throughout the
entire swing creating a dynamic pulling motion from the ground up
instead of a hitting action that comes from trying to use too much
upper body motion (hands & shoulders). This drill will provide a real
sense of freedom by starting with the club well out in front of you.
Remember you play great golf by feel and you learn feel through
the correct motion.
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