Tom’s Tip of the Week: The Shadow Drill

by Dan M | Posted on Saturday, September 23rd, 2017

Untitled-1-1TOM WARD

Autumn is here and the fall weather is some of the best golfing
weather we have here in north Texas. This weeks drill is very simple
and all it takes is a sunny day to get your swing back on track.
Throughout my travels teaching the game one of the biggest
mistakes I see golfers make on a regular basis is having too much
lateral movement off the ball…. known as swaying. This exercise will
help you recognize it and the beautiful thing is you can perform it on
the golf course, driving range or your own backyard.
First, set up over the ball with your back to the sun…as shown
in the top photo. As you can clearly see the shadow of my head is
directly covering the ball. While making the backswing, take special
note to see if your shadow moves off the ball. It will move slightly,
however if it moves completely off the ball (as seen in the photo on
the bottom left) you have lost your swing center which represents
balance and results in swaying.
I’ve drawn a circle around the ball and head of my shadow to
highlight that error. Also, that incorrect movement will force your
right leg to straighten up restricting the swing and resulting in a
loss of power.
The key is to keep the shadow of your head on the ball during
the backswing and at impact as seen the bottom right photo. You can
move your head forward toward the intended target after making the
swing and follow-through.
I recommend doing this drill slowly. You will start to feel how
the body needs to stay centered and grounded throughout the golf
swing. Keeping your eyes on the shadow will also teach the correct
feeling of maintaining a passive upper body and allowing the club to
work around the body staying on the proper swing path.
So put a little time on this drill every day and your shot making
skills will improve rapidly. I can promise you that beyond a shadow of
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