Tom’s Tip of the week: “Twofer Drill”

by Dan M | Posted on Saturday, March 3rd, 2018
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As we enter the month of March more and more people are heading out to the driving range and golf course to practice. I have a terrific drill called the “twofer drill” (because it takes care of two things at once) that is perfect to utilize when working on your swing.
In the top photo I’ve asked a student to take a normal stance then drop his right leg back from where he initially started. I  drew an arrow near his right foot to highlight that position. You can move the right foot back further than what is shown in the photo, but when starting out just pulling the right leg back a couple inches will suffice.
Next, bring the club up waist level high. Take a closer look at the club face (which I’ve drawn a circle around) and you can see the toe of the club is pointing up. This is important because it means the club face is square… just as it was when setting the club behind the golf ball. So, from the waist high position start the backswing and subsequent downswing move. The beauty of this drill is it forces you to address significant issues in which you are struggling.
By dropping the right foot back (for right handed golfers) this move automatically helps to slightly open up the right hip. More importantly, by having the club at waist level high it assists in setting the club on a great swing path relative to your height and physical build.
Like a lot of golfers my student in the photo was taking the club too steep on the backswing. It not only brought his club back upright and outside of his ideal plane swing, but it inhibited the shoulders and hips from making a full turn going back. Basically, he was lifting the club up… not really making proper coiling action that results in a complete full backswing. When this happens your lower body can’t initiate the downswing in the correct sequence and under pressure you end up using too much upper body or hand action which results in  loss of distance and control.
Now, from the hip level position and the right foot pulled back, go ahead and continue the backswing.
An added bonus of doing this drill is it will help to stabilize your body posture throughout the entire swing. Lifting the club up going back will make the body rise up, forcing you out of position. By doing this particular drill it will help to rectify that improper motion immediately. So go ahead and throw caution to the wind and let the laws of physics be your friend as you complete the backswing and subsequent downswing back into the ball.
The big payoff is on the downswing as shown in the bottom photo. I drew an arrow by the right foot showcasing how he is able to push off and drive his body correctly through the crucial area of impact and slightly beyond. I’ve added another arrow to show how well his head is staying down past impact and how the right shoulder is working down and under. When a golfer can stay down it creates a terrific pulling action instead of a throwing/hitting action.
The circle around the golfers hands show he has released the club head perfectly as the right arm is fully extended and has rotated over through impact. You can see that the toe of the club face is pointing up (not left or right) which means a well stuck shot right at the intended target.
The drill is crucial in eliminating critical elements in the swing that continue to frustrate golfers everywhere which is taking the hands out of the equation. The only purpose the hands serve in the golf swing is to hold onto the club. Doing this drill allow the hands to just go for a ride.
I highly recommend you incorporate this twofer drill into your practice routine so you can reap the benefits and start the golf season in the right direction towards better shot making.
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