Tom’s Tip: The ‘Spring Loaded Golf Drill’

by Dan M | Posted on Saturday, April 14th, 2018

Untitled-1(1)TOM WARD

Now that Spring has officially arrived the timing is perfect to introduce you to my ‘Spring Loaded’ golf drill. It’s a great, simple, yet highly effective drill that will help you make a much fuller shoulder turn in during the backswing.
It is somewhat common to see golfers employing too much lateral motion (swaying) in their swings which leads to wayward shots and higher scores. They try to rear back and make a mighty swing, but ultimately results in out of balance and what I jokingly refer to as the Captain Kirk shot….a shot that goes where no ball has gone before. So, if you want your ball to land on this planet, in close proximity to where you’re aiming, give this drill a try.
In the photo sequence is one of my students demonstrating the drill. After taking your stance lift the golf club and place it on your right shoulder (as seen in the top left phot.) Next, turn your left shoulder down slightly towards the ground…this will automatically put the club in the proper position (as seen in top right photo.) As you turn, your arms will automatically extend as you complete the backswing. Having your left shoulder turned downward will create a fully loaded backswing as the upper body is now turned correctly against your braced right leg (lower body) which creates a dynamic coiling effect. Because you’ve spring loaded the backswing correctly the lower body can initiate the downward action.
Because the player is coming into the ball at a shallower, more correct angle he can release all the stored up energy he has created (see bottom left photo.) The right shoulder is working down through the shot and his head is back behind the ball. Take special note of his right knee which has kicked inward driving through the ball.
The final photo on the bottom right is the big payoff as the player finishes in good balance.
By doing a little spring cleaning on your game now, you’ll be able to spring into action this season with a better golf swing.
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