So long, farewell -time to hang up my skates

by Dan M | Posted on Saturday, May 5th, 2018
By Richard Pollak

Part II: The Pen and Paper Begin!

I got my first Hockey writing Job in 1976 after moving to Virginia Beach as Assistant General Manager of the Tidewater Sharks and a $50 a week gig as the Southern Hockey League Correspondent for the world famous publication The Hockey News.
I ended up in Dallas and continued as a part time Hockey News writer covering the CHL Dallas Freeze and the Dallas Stars for  a wide variety of local sports rags finally, reaching the pinnacle of my career  covering local Hockey for The SportsPage Weekly.
As the longest active NHL Sports writer in Dallas, I have been ejected twice from the last seat on the last row of the Dallas Stars Press Box (just like Ken Hitchcock)  by over zealous PR rooks (trying to make a name for themselves) for being too critical of the team’s performance on the ice and management for failing to spend the money necessary in making trades for playoff success. I was always able to get the inside scoop from the Press Box elevator operator…a consistently reliable source… which is why PR/hockey management never knew who the source was. Amazing how the Hockey operations folks constantly blabbed away assuming they were talking in confidence.
For the last nine seasons, Allen Americans Broadcaster/PR VP Tommy Daniels has given me the opportunity to be a regular contributor to his game night broadcasts.
It was Dan McVicker, Owner / Publisher of The SportsPage Weekly, who allowed me to share my Hockey expertise, experience and frustrations in writing on a weekly basis while continuing to stuff my face doing weekly Restaurant Reviews as The Traveling Gourmet.
In the last three  seasons, I was honored  to close out the CHL Championship radio broadcast for Allen saying to all my avid hockey readers, “today, from the late great Philadelphia Flyers Hall of Fame Announcer, Gene Hart, to his honor and to you, good night and good Hockey Kate Smith wherever you are”.

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  1. Frank says:

    you forgot your own mentor. Me!

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