The second generation 2019 BMW X4

by Dan M | Posted on Saturday, October 6th, 2018

The new BMW X4 xDrive M40d

The new BMW X4 xDrive M40d
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This week we reviewed another coupe from BMW. Another sports
activity coupe that is, and in BMWspeak that means, well, it’s not a
coupe. The EPA calls it a small SUV and I pin it somewhere in the
crossover utility/activity vehicle genre. Either way, this is the 2019
X4 from BMW.
This is the second generation for the X4 and features sportier
proportions, wider wheel tracks, the latest generation suspension
settings, a lower center of gravity, and improved aerodynamics. And of
course BMW has thrown in all of its latest technology for both
creature comfort and safety including standard Active Guard which
includes front collision warning, city collision mitigation with
braking, pedestrian warning with city braking, and speed limit
New standard navigation means a 10.25-inch color touchscreen with
the latest iDrive Touch Controller (which is light years better over
the first generation of this technology) and real-time traffic and
parking information.
The X4 will seat four adults in comfort but can accommodate up to
five. Of course the drivers seat is the best in the house as being a
BMW the cockpit is driver oriented, not to mention the operator gets
to control this “sports activity coupe” and its standard xDrive
all-wheel control powered by a peppy 2.0-liter turbocharged inline
four-cylinder engine.
The driver also gets to make the selection in the driver dynamic
control of Eco Pro, Comfort, Sport, and Sport+ modes. The 8-speed
Sport Automatic gearbox features sport and manual shift modes and
includes steering wheel paddle shifters and launch control. One
feature that took a little getting used to was the new automatic hold
function that keeps the vehicle stationary with no gas pedal input
even if you lift off the brake pedal while in gear. Pretty handy
actually, especially on inclines.
By the numbers, the new X4 is three inches longer than its
predecessor with 2.1 inches added to the wheelbase and 1.4 inches to
the width. Our tester arrived in xDrive30i form with the engine output
of 248hp and 258 lb. ft. of torque. BMW also offers the X4 in M40i
form with a V-6 generating 355hp and 365 lb. ft. torque.
The new vehicle features a ground clearance of eight inches with
water fording capability of 19.6 inches and the standard xDrive
all-wheel drive keeps this vehicle under control under all kinds of
driving conditions.
Being a BMW, the new X4 is quiet and comfortable and boasting
excellent craftsmanship. It rides nearly as smooth as a sedan and
conversations can be carried out in low voices, unless the driver
(that being me) has the premium audio system cranking out their (my)
favorite tunes.
Of course there is leather everywhere but I would really have
liked ventilated seats as summer was still hanging on in these parts.
And what’s with not making heated seats standard equipment?
Our tester arrived with a few extra packages over the base model.
These included driving assistance and driving assistance plus, parking
assistance, and premium package (that’s where you get your heated
seats along with steering wheel heat function).
Pricing for the 2019 BMW X4 xDrive 30i begins at just over $50
grand with our loaded tester arriving with a final window sticker of
Fuel economy is rated at 22 mpg city and 29 mpg highway.
Call it a sports activity coupe, call it a sport utility vehicle,
call it a crossover – the 2019 BMW X4 is a great little vehicle
offering a fun driving experience with the latest safety technology.
It sticks to the road like glue offering a great combination of sport
and luxury. This would be an ideal vehicle for riding off into the
sunset as that is exactly what I am getting ready to do.


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