The Handbook of Golf History

by Dan M | Posted on Saturday, December 29th, 2018

If you’re looking for a last minute gift for a golfer, The
Handbook of Golf History is highly recomended.
Written by Dr. Douglas Lonnstrom, a golf historian, and Sara Riso.
This book is chocked full of really great information on the history
of the game… anyone who’s a fan of the sport will immensely enjoy.
As a golf pro and a longtime fan of the history of the game The
Handbook of Golf History resonated with me. The average person who
enjoys playing golf will come away surprised at how little they
actually know about the game.
The game of Golf evolved from various forms of stick and ball
games over a long period of time. While it is difficult to determine
the exact origin of golf, the handbook was written to be an
informative guide tracing the history of Golf back to the 1400’s. The
book is intended to be a reference featuring highlights of golf
history. It isn’t intended to be a detailed history of golf.
Some of the chapters are on golf history terms, history of the
golf ball, history of the golf club, history of the Majors, Women’s
golf, Golf Channel and the FedEx Cup and Tour Playoffs.
I enjoyed Chapter 10 which delves into PGA Tour highlights year by
year. This particular chapter constitutes the majority of the book and
provides fascinating information on all the Major Championship winners
starting with the Open Championship won by Willie Park Sr. at
Prestwick in 1860 running all the way up to 2017.
Each year is marked with the winners of the Open Championship, the
Masters, U.S. Open, PGA Championship, U.S. Amateur, British Amateur.
Their score, the course that was played and the runner(s) up.
Also included are highlights of each year such as Gene Sarazen’s
double eagle on the 15th hole in the last round of the 1935 Masters
known as “shot heard round the world.”
The leading money winners of each year were recognized and the
amount that they won. Curtis Strange was the first player to break the
$1 million dollar barrier in 1988.
Chapter 11 was all about the LPGA starting with the year 1946.
Chapter 12 has a fun trivia quiz.
The paperback book is 266 pages with a retail price of $18.50 and
published by Dorrance Publishing Company.
You will be greatly rewarded by your friends, business associates
or family members if you give them a copy of this book. Merry
Tom Ward can be contacted at


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