Fancy footwork to maintaining balance

by Dan M | Posted on Friday, May 17th, 2019


One of the cornerstones for a solid golf swing is having good
balance. This week’s tip will help you maintain and develop balance
from the start to the finish.
I’ve asked my friend fellow golf pro Shaun Gates to assist me in
the drills. Shaun is the head professional at Westdale Hills in
Euless. The graphic below is a series of pictures of Shaun in the
setup position.
The golf swing happens at such a high rate of speed you can’t make
adjustments once it has begun. It is essential to take care of the
things you can prior to starting the swing. That involves having the
proper stance and posture over the ball. Notice how Shaun adjusts his
feet into different positions to highlight the example of the drills
in the photo below.
In the top left photo he dropped his left foot back from where he
initially started. You can alternate hitting some shots with your left
foot first and then switch hitting some shots dropping your right foot
In the top right photo he placed both feet together while keeping
good knee flex. It’s imperative that you don’t let your legs
straighten up as that can lead to numerous issues in the swing.
The bottom left photo showcases Shaun crossing his right leg over
his left….I can promise you, when you first try this it will feel
quite awkward. Again, after hitting a few shots this way go ahead and
switch legs while you hit balls.
The last foot drill is the bottom right photo where he’s lifted
his right leg. When you’ve made some swings from this position go
ahead and alternate legs and try hitting shots with your left leg off
the ground.
Each foot position will challenge you to maintain balance from the
start to the finish.
These balance drill shots might look like trick shots, but they’re
really important in the overall scheme of things, ensuring that there
is a solid foundation upon which to swing the club.
Take a closer look at Shaun’s posture and notice how well he is
bent over in each frame. It’s critical that you maintain that type of
angle from start to finish as any deviation means you came out of
posture and that translates into problems.
These particular exercises are designed to help re-enforce that
great position in the normal swing. Shaun has established what is
known as a “spinal tilt” instead of just squatting down over the ball
which would make his posture too erect on the setup.
These drills can help you tremendously with practice and can be a
real asset when finding uneven lies on the course.
Footwork is often underappreciated in the golf swing compared to
other aspects of the swing. Your hands maybe the only contact with the
club, but your feet are the only contact with the ground. Just like
your home which was built on a sturdy foundation to withstand multiple
weather related issues your golf swing needs that same type of
security to support the swing.
These type of footwork/balance drills can be done at home without
hitting a ball. The key is swinging while maintaining great balance
throughout the swing.
When you have this type of dynamics going on with your golf game
some great things will happen and you’ll be so overjoyed you might
even dance a little jig with excitement.

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