Tom’s Weekly Golf Tip

by Dan M | Posted on Saturday, June 8th, 2019


Tom’s Tip: Club Tossing Drill


This week I’ve got a highly effective drill that is going to get
your golf swing back on track immediately.
In the photo is a friend of mine, and a long time member at
Colonial Country Club, demonstrating the drill.
I asked him to take his normal stance over the ball. Then place
the golf club out in front of his body as seen in the photo. I
recommend only taking the club no higher than waist level high.
Once set, just throw caution to the wind and toss the club head
back and let the laws of physics and centrifugal force take over.
Needless to say he was surprised when he saw how well he hit the ball
from such an awkward starting position. He joked that maybe he should
start playing golf that way.
This particular drill is designed to allow the club head to just
swing around the body instead of trying to guide or manipulate it
which leads to a multitude of problems.
Most golfers have a better practice swing than their real swing
mainly because they are not trying to hit a ball on the practice
After a few swings with this exercise he started to make some
really good contact with the ball. Initially, placing the club out in
front of the ball and beginning your swing from there can be
intimidating. I recommend you do this drillwithout a ball starting out
to get comfortable.
By allowing the law of physics to take over instead of applying
brute strength he was surprised how well he hit the ball. By allowing
the club to work around your body instead of prematurely lifting it
up, which disrupts your swing plane, you’ll be creating a dynamic
spring-like effect that unloads all your stored up energy back into
the crucial impact area at the correct moment. This action in turn
activates the legs to remain more flexed throughout the entire swing
creating a pulling motion from the ground up instead of a hitting
action that comes from trying to use too much upper body motion (hands
& shoulders).
It’s a very liberating feel to not start your swing directly
behind the ball. So go ahead a give this drill a try next time you’re
out practicing and toss away all those bad swing habits you’ve
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