College Football-Baseball Stars Offer Many Surprises

by BoCarter | Posted on Wednesday, July 31st, 2019

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Did you know that NFF College Hall of Fame member and chair of the Bard of Trustees Archie Manning once starred both as a football quarterback and a baseball shortstop at Ole Miss?

And that in 1972 Manning’s UM quarterback successor Norris Weese played the same two positions and led Ole Miss to a 10-2 football mark in 1971 and the Southeastern Conference baseball crown in 1972?

How about the fact that Southern University two-sport star and National Baseball Hall of Fame member Lou Brock was a standout for the Jaguars on the diamond and gridiron?

Yes, these are many of the two-sport stars in both college and later in Major League Baseball, and just a smattering of some of the others (see complete lists below with their colleges and primary Major League teams) are as follows:

1934 World Series standout Eldon Auker, Kansas State – Detroit Tigers; Les Backman, Rose Poly (Ind.) – St. Louis Cardinals; Babe Barna (West Virginia) – Philadelphia A’s; Emile Barnes, Alabama – Cincinnati Reds; Don Baylor, Los Angeles City College – Baltimore; Bob Bescher, Notre Dame, Wittenberg – Cincinnati; Mitchell Boggs, Georgia, Chattanooga – St. Louis; Lou Brock, Southern (La.) – St. Louis Cardinals; Mike Busch, Idaho State – Los Angeles Angels; Bill Carrigan, Holy Cross – Boston Red Sox; Scott Carroll, Purdue, Missouri State – and Chicago White Sox; Joe Carter, Wichita State – Toronto Blue Jays.

Those noting any missing players from the Big 12 Conference all-time MLB alumni listing or the collegiate football-baseball standouts may email additions or corrections to Bo Carter,


All-Time Big 12 Conference Schools Alumni in the Major Leagues

(Special thanks for research to Big 12 Baseball Contacts, Jay Langhammer, Rick Benner, Dr. Mike Gustafson – SABR College Committee, CBF) – Through July 31, 2019


Dennis Wilie (1911-12, 15)-St. Louis Cardinals, Cleveland

Dave Danforth (1911-12, 16-19, 22-25) – 3 teams

Oscar ‘Slim’ Harrell (1912)-Philadelphia Athletics

Jack Little (1912)-New York Yankees33333

Bill Stellbauer (1916)-Philadelphia Athletics

Mule Watson (1918-24)-4 teams

Ted Lyons (1923-42, 46)-Chicago White Sox

Carl Freeze (1925)-Chicago White Sox

Lloyd Russell (1938)-Cleveland

Larry Drake (1945, 48)-Philadelphia Athletics, Washington

Tommy Fine (1947, 1950)-Boston Red Sox, St. Louis Browns

Buzz Dozier (1947, 49)-Washington Senators

Matt Batts (1947-56)-5 teams

Joe Szekley (1953)-Cincinnati

Seth Morehead (1957-61)-Philadelphia, Chicago Cubs, Milwaukee

Jerry Mallett (1959)-Boston Red Sox

Jacke Davis (1962)-Philadelphia

Pete Charton (1964)-Boston

Ted Uhlaender (1964-72)-Minnesota, Cleveland, Cincinnati

Fred Rath (1968-69)-Chicago White Sox

Steve Macko (1979-80)-Chicago Cubs

Jon Perlman (1985, 87-88)-Chicago Cubs, San

Francisco, Cleveland

Andy Beene (1983-84)-Milwaukee

Fritz Connally (1983, 85)-Chicago Cubs, Baltimore

Jaime Cocanower (1983-86)-Milwaukee

Lee Tunnell (1982-85, 87, 89)-Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Minnesota; coach (2003-04), Texas

Blaine Beatty (1989, 91)-New York Mets

Ken Patterson (1988-94)-Chicago White Sox, Chicago Cubs, California Angels

Pat Combs (1989-92)-Philadelphia

Scott Ruffcorn (1993-97)-Chicago White Sox, Philadelphia

Dean Crow (1998)-Detroit

Kip Wells (1999-09, 12)-4 teams

Jason Jennings (2001-09)-Colorado, Houston, Texas

Kelly Shoppach (2005-13)-6 teams

Jaime Bubela (2005)-Seattle

David Murphy (2006-15)-Boston, Texas, Cleveland

Mark Saccomanno (2008-09)-Houston

Drew Sutton (2009-11, 13)-4 teams

Kevin Russo (2010)-New York Yankees

Shawn Tolleson (2012-17)-Los Angeles Dodgers, Texas, Tampa Bay

Logan Verrett (2015-19)-4 teams

Max Muncy (2015-16, 18-19)-Oakland, Los Angeles Dodgers



Bob McGraw (1917-20, 25-29)-5 teams

Cobe Jones (1928-29)-Pittsburgh

Carroll Hardy (1958-64, 67)-4 teams

John Stearns (1974-84)-Philadelphia, New York Mets (coach: 2000-02, New York Mets)

Jay Howell (1980-94)-7 teams


Iowa State

Yank Brown (1905)-St. Louis Cardinals, Philadelphia Phillies, Boston Braves

Clyde Southwick (1911)-St. Louis Browns

George Clark (1913)-New York Yankees

Dutch Levsen (1923-28)-Cleveland

Hal L. Smith (1932-35)-Pittsburgh

Dick Bertell (1960-65, 67)-San Francisco, Chicago Cubs

Jerry McNertney (1964, 66-73)-5 teams

Bob Locker (1965-73, 75)-5 teams

Al Closter (1966, 71-73)-3 teams

Jeff Schneider (1981)-Baltimore

Curt Kaufman (1982-84)-New York Yankees, California Angels

Jim Walewander (1987-88, 90, 93)-3 teams

Mike Busch (1995-96)-Los Angeles Dodgers

Mike Myers (1995-07)-nine teams

Don Wengert (1995-02)-6 teams

Matt Wagner (1996)-Seattle

Nate Teut (2002)-Florida

Shawn Sedlacek (2002-03)-Kansas City

Jeff Duncan (2003)-New York Mets

T.J. Bohn (2006, 08)-Seattle, Philadelphia



Dale Gear (1896-97, 1901)-Cleveland, Washington Senators

Bob Edmondson (1906, 08)-Washington Senators

Ferrell Anderson (1946, 53)-Los Angeles Dodgers, St. Louis Browns

Bob Allison (1958-70)-Washington Senators, Minnesota

Larry Miller (1964-66)-Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Mets

Chuck Dobson (1966-75)-3 teams

Steve Renko (1969-83)-7 teams

Skip James (1977-78)-San Francisco

Roger Slagle (1979)-New York Yankees

Steve Jeltz (1983-90)-Philadelphia Phillies, Kansas City

Clay Christiansen (1984)-New York Yankees

Curt Schmidt (1995)-Montreal

Scott Taylor (1995)-Texas

Jeff Berblinger (1997)-St. Louis Cardinals

Les Walrond (2003, 06, 08)-Kansas City, Chicago Cubs, Philadelphia

Tom Gorzelanny (2005-17)-6 teams

John Nelson (2006)-St. Louis Cardinals

Mike Zagurski (2007, 10-13, 18)-5 teams

Travis Metcalf (2007-08)-Texas, Kansas City, Colorado

Sam Freeman (2012-19)-7 teams

Brett Bochy (2014-15)-San Francisco


Kansas State

Eldon Auker (1933-42)-3 teams

Butch Nieman (1943-45)-Boston Braves

Keith Thomas (1952-53)-Philadelphia Athletics, Washington

Bobby Randall (1976-80)-Minnesota

Andy Replogle (1978-79)-Milwaukee

Ted Power (1981-93)-8 teams

Craig Wilson (1998-00)-Chicago White Sox

Carlos Torres (2009-10, 12-19)–5 teams

Evan Marshall (2014-17)-Arizona, Seattle

A.J. Morris (2017)-Cincinnati

Jason Martini (2018-19)-Oakland



Bill Harper (1911)-St. Louis Browns

Homer Summa (1920, 22-30)-Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Philadelphia Athletics

Hub Pruett (1922-24, 27-28, 30, 32)-4 teams

Glenn Wright (1924-33, 35)-3 teams

Bill Windle (1928-29)-Pittsburgh

Carl Miles (1940)-Philadelphia

Jay Difani (1948-49)-Washington Senators

Jerry Schoonmaker (1955, 57)-Washington Senators

Bob Smith (1958-59)-3 teams

Charlie James (1960-65)-St. Louis, Cincinnati

Jay Hankins (1961, 63)-Kansas City Athletics

Mike Shannon (1962-70)-St. Louis

Dick Kenworthy (1962, 64-68)-Chicago White Sox

John O’Donoghue (1963-71)-6 teams

Sonny Siebert (1964-75)-6 teams

John Sevcik (1965)-Minnesota

Dennis Musgraves (1965)-New York Mets

Rick Henninger (1973)-Texas

Tim Laudner (1981-89)-Minnesota

Phil Bradley (1983-90)-4 teams

Jeff Cornell (1984)-San Francisco

Ron Mathis (1985, 87)-Houston

Dave Otto (1987-94)-4 teams

Scott Little (1989)-Pittsburgh

Dave Silvestri (1992-99)-5 teams

John Dettmer (1994-95)-Texas

Shaun Marcum (2005-08, 10-15)-4 teams

Ian Kinsler (2006-19)-5 teams

Max Scherzer (2008-19)-Arizona, Detroit, Washington

Doug Mathis (2008-10)-Texas

Justin James (2010)-Oakland

Aaron Crow (2011-14)-Kansas City

Nick Tepesch (2013-14)-Texas

Kyle Gibson (2013-15)-Minnesota

Matt Stites (2014-15)-Arizona

Ryan Lollis (2015)-San Francisco



Ad Liska (1929-33)-Washington, Philadelphia Phillies

Bob Cerv (1951-62)-4 teams

Dwight Siebler (1963-67)-Minnesota

Stan Bahnsen (1966, 68-82)-6 teams

Gary Neibauer (1969-73)-Atlanta, Philadelphia

Buddy Hunter (1971, 73, 75)-Boston Red Sox

Ryan Kurosaki (1975)-St. Louis

Pete O’Brien (1982-93)-3 teams

Tim Burke (1985-92)-3 teams

Bob Sebra (1985-90)-5 teams

Steve Stanicek (1987, 89)-Milwaukee, Philadelphia

Bill McGuire (1988-89)-Seattle

Kip Gross (1990-93, 99)-3 teams

Eric Helfand (1993-95)-Oakland

Kevin Jordan (1995-02)-Philadelphia

Darin Erstad (1996-09)-California/Anaheim/Los Angeles Angels, Chicago White Sox, Houston

Ken Ramos (1997)-Houston

Marc Sagmoen (1997)-Texas

Troy Brohawn (2001-03)-3 teams

Ken Harvey (2001, 03-05)-Kansas City

Todd Sears (2002-03)-Minnesota

Jamal Strong (2003)-Seattle

Dan Johnson (2004-08, 10-15)-6 teams

Adam Shabala (2005)-San Francisco

Adam Stern (2005-07)-Boston, Baltimore

Drew Anderson (2006)-Milwaukee

Alex Gordon (2007-17)-Kansas City

Shane Komine (2006-07)-Oakland)

Joba Chamberlain (2007-15)-New York Yankees, Detroit

Brian Duensing (2009-18)-4 teams

Adam Moore (2009-14)-Seattle, Kansas City, San Diego

Zach Kroenke (2010-11)-Arizona

Andrew Brown (2011-14)-Sr. Louis, Colorado, New York Mets

Steve Edlefsen (2011-12)-San Francisco

Dan Jennings (2012-17)-Miami, Chicago White Sox

Thad Weber (2012-13)-Detroit, Toronto, San Diego

Cody Asche (2013-17)-Philadelphia, Chicago White Sox

Mike Mariot (2014-16)-Kansas City, Philadelphia



Chick Brandom (1908-09)-Pittsburgh

Elmer Ponder (1917, 19-21)-Pittsburgh, Chicago Cubs

Uke Clanton (1922)-Cleveland Indians

Buster Mills (1934-40, 42, 46)-St. Louis Cardinals, Brooklyn, Boston Red Sox, St. Louis Browns, New York Yankees, Cleveland

Jeff Cross (1942, 46-48)-St. Louis Cardinals, Chicago Cubs

Dee Sanders (1945)-St. Louis Browns

Dale Mitchell (1945-56)-Cleveland Indians, Brooklyn

Les Layton (1948)-New York Giants

Rudy Rufer (1949-50)-New York Giants

Bob Stephenson (1955)-St. Louis Cardinals

Lindy McDaniel (1955-75)-5 teams

Eddie Fisher (1959-73)-San Francisco, Chicago White Sox, Baltimore, Cleveland, California, St. Louis Cardinals

Don Schwall (1961-67)-Boston Red Sox, Pittsburgh, Atlanta

Tony Brumley (1964-66)-Washington

John Gelnar (1964, 67, 69-71)-Pittsburgh, Seattle, Milwaukee

George Kemek (1965-66)-St. Louis

Carl Morton (1969-76)-Montreal, Atlanta

Joe Simpson (1975-83)-Los Angeles Dodgers, Seattle, Kansas City

Bob Shirley (1977-87)-San Diego, St. Louis, Cincinnati, New York Yankees, Kansas City Royals

Jackson Todd (1977, 1981-83)-New York Mets, Toronto

Keith Drumwright (1978, 81)-Houston, Oakland

George Frazier (1978-87)-St. Louis, New York Yankees, Cleveland, Chicago Cubs, Minnesota

Mickey Hatcher (1979-90)-Los Angeles Dodgers, Minnesota

Joe Price (1980-90)-Cincinnati, San Francisco, Boston, Baltimore

Gene Krug (1981)-Chicago Cubs

Roger LaFrancois (1982)-Boston

Terry Bogener (1982)-Texas

Nick Capra (1982-83, 85, 88, 91)-Texas, Kansas City

Don Carman (1983-92)-Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Texas

Danny Jackson (1983-97)-Kansas City, Cincinnati, Chicago Cubs, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, St. Louis, San Diego

John Russell (1984-93)-Philadelphia, Atlanta, Texas

Ray Hayward (1986-88)-San Diego, Texas

Bobby Witt (1986-01)-Texas, Oakland, Florida, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Cleveland

Steve Peters (1987-88)-St. Louis

Jack Armstrong (1988-94)-Cincinnati, Cleveland, Florida, Texas

DeWayne Vaughn (1988)-Texas

Chris Howard (1991, 93-94)-Seattle

Russ McGinnis (1992, 95)-Texas, Kansas City

Kevin King (1993-95)-Seattle

Derrick White (1993, 95, 98)-Montreal, Detroit, Chicago Cubs, Colorado

Matt Ruebel (1996-98)-Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay

Greg Norton (1996-04, 06-09)-5 teams

Steve Connelly (1998)-Oakland

Ryan Minor (1998-01)-Baltimore, Montreal

Russ Ortiz (1998-07, 09-11)-7 teams

Darron Cox (1999)-Montreal

Mark Redman (1999-09)-9 teams

Damon Minor (2000-02, 04)-San Francisco

Kevin Olsen (2001-05)-Florida

Aaron Looper (2003)-Seattle

Geoff Geary (2003-09, 10) – Philadelphia, Houston

Val Pascucci (2004)-Montreal

Kyle Denney (2004)-Cleveland

Greg Dobbs (2004-14)-5 teams

Jeff Bajenaru (2004-06)-Chicago White Sox, Arizona

Jason Bartlett (2004-12, 14)-5 teams

Brian Shackelford (2005-06, 09)-Cincinnati, LA Dodgers

Reggie Willits (2006-12)-Los Angeles Angels

Rocky Cherry (2008-09) – Baltimore, New York Mets

Ryan Rohlinger (2008-11)-San Francisco

David Purcey (2008-11, 13-14)-3 teams

Chris Jakubauskas (2009-11, 13)-4 teams

Daniel McCutchen (2009-12, 14)-3 teams

Garrett Richards (2012-19)-Los Angeles Angels, San Diego

Burch Smith (2013)-San Diego

Chase Anderson (2014-19)-Arizona, Milwaukee

Jon Gray (2015-19)-Colorado

Dillon Overton (2016-17)-3 teams

Steven Okert (2016-19)-San Francisco


Oklahoma State

Josh Billings (1913-23)-Cleveland, St. Louis Cardinals

Ab Wright (1935, 44)-Cleveland, Boston Braves

Allie Reynolds (1942-54)-Cleveland, New York Yankees

Danny Doyle (1943)-Boston

Ed Mickelson (1950, 53, 57)-3 teams

Frank Kellert (1953-56)-4 teams

Jerry Adair (1958-70)-4 teams

Cal Browning (1960)-St. Louis Cardinals

Tom Borland (1960-61)-Boston

Joe Horlen (1961-72)-Chicago White Sox, Kansas City Athletics

Merlin Nippert (1962)-Boston

Don Wallace (1967)-California

Larry Burchart (1969)-Cleveland

Danny Thompson (1970-76)-Minnesota, Texas

Joe Price (1980-90)-4 teams

Mickey Tettleton (1984-97)-4 teams

Jim Traber (1984, 86, 88-89)-Baltimore

Robbie Wine (1986-87)-Houston

Gary Green (1986, 89-92)-3 teams

Pete Incaviglia (1986-94, 96-98)-6 teams

John Farrell (1987-90, 93-95)-Cleveland, California

Mike Henneman (1987-96)-3 teams

Doug Dascenzo (1988-93)-Chicago Cubs, Texas

Gordon Dillar (1988-89)-Baltimore, Philadelphia

Robin Ventura (1989-06)-5 teams

Carlos Diaz (1990)-Toronto

Monte Fariss (1991-93)-Texas, Florida

Tim Pugh (1992-98)-3 teams

Dave Mlicki (1992-93, 95-02)-5 teams

Jeromy Burnitz (1993-06)-6 teams

Jeff Bronkey (1993-95)-Texas, Milwaukee

Scott Watkins (1995)-Minnesota

Danny Perez (1996)-Milwaukee

Jay Canizaro (1996, 1999, 2000, 02)-San Francisco, Minnesota

Scott Williamson (1999-07, 09)-7 teams

Chris Richard (2000-03, 09)-4 teams

Dave Maurer (2000-02)-San Diego, Cleveland

Mark Lukasiewicz (2001-02)-Anaheim

Jon Adkins (2003-09, 11)-5 teams

Luke Scott (2005-13)-3 teams

Scott Baker (2005-15)-4 teams

Josh Fields (2006-11, 13)-4 teams

Jeff Salazar (2006-10)-Colorado, Arizona, Pittsburgh

Matt Smith (2006-07, 09-10)-4 teams

Ryan Budde (2007-10)-Los Angeles Angels

Scott Richmond (2008-09, 11)-Toronto

Jason Jaramillo (2009-13)-Pittsburgh, Houston

Rusty Ryal (2009-10)-Arizona

Andrew Oliver (2010-11)-Detroit

Matt Mangini (2010-11)-Seattle

Robbie Weinhardt (2010-11)-Detroit

Andy Oliver (2010-11, 13)-Detroit, Pittsburgh

Corey Brown (2011, 13-14)-Washington Nationals, Tampa Bay

Matt Hague (2012, 14)-Pittsburgh

Jordy Mercer (2012-19)-Pittsburgh, Detroit

Tyler Lyons (2013-19)-St. Louis, Pittsburgh

Andrew Heaney (2014-19)-Miami, Los Angeles Angels

Koda Glover (2016-19)-Washington

Jason Hursh (2016-17)–Atlanta



Louis Drucke (1909-12)-New York Giants

Ona Dodd (1912)-Pittsburgh

Claude Cooper (1913-17)-3 teams

Jim Haislip (1913-Philadelphia Phillies

Pete Donohue (1921-32)-4 teams

Astyanax Douglass (1921, 25)-Cincinnati

Boob Fowler (1923-26)-Boston Red Sox, Cincinnati

Leo Tankersley (1925)-Chicago White Sox

Ray Wolf (1927)-Cincinnati

Tex Carleton (1932-38, 40)-3 teams

Harry Kinzy (1934)-Chicago White Sox

Dutch Meyer (1937-43)-Chicago Cubs, Detroit

Jim Busby (1950-62)-6 teams

Randy Jackson (1950-59)-4 teams

Carl Warwick (1961-66)-5 teams

Tommy Gramly (1968)-Cleveland

Chuck Machemehl (1971)-Cleveland

Jeff Newman (1976-84)-Oakland, Boston

John Briscoe (1991-96)-Oakland

Freddie Benavides (1991-94)-3 teams

Tim Mauser (1991, 93-95)-Philadelphia, San Diego

Chris Eddy (1995)-Oakland

Glenn Dishman (1995-97)-3 teams

Jeff Zimmerman (1999-2001)-Texas Rangers

Scott Atchison (2004-05, 07, 10-15)-5 teams

Lance Broadway (2007-09)-Chicago White Sox, New York Mets

Geno Espineli (2008)-San Francisco

Andrew Cashner (2010-19)-5 teams

Jake Arrieta (2010-19)-Baltimore, Chicago Cubs, Philadelphia

Chad Huffman (2010)-New York Yankees

Sam Demel (2010-13)-Arizona, Houston

Matt Carpenter (2011-19)-St. Louis

Bryan Holaday (2012-19)-Detroit, Texas, Boston

Brandon Finnegan (2014-19)-Kansas City, Cincinnati

Taylor Featherston (2015-18)-3 teams



  1. Walter Morris (1908)-St. Louis Cardinals

Bob Cone (1915)-Philadelphia Athletics

Mike Massey (1917)-Boston Braves

Bibb Falk (1920-31)-Chicago White Sox, Cleveland

Howard Fitzgerald (1922, 24, 26)-Chicago Cubs, Boston Red Sox

Hod Kibbie (1925)-Boston Braves

Heinie Odom (1925)-Boston Braves

Chester Falk (1925-27)-St. Louis Browns

Les Cox (1926)-Chicago White Sox

Neal Baker (1927)-Philadelphia Athletics

Howie Williamson (1928)-St. Louis Cardinals

Tom Hughes (1930)-Detroit

Oscar (Ox) Eckhardt (1932, 36)-Boston Braves, Brooklyn

Pinky Higgins (1930, 1933-44, 46; Mgr. 1955-62)-Philadelphia Athletics, Boston Red Sox, Detroit (managed Red Sox)

Marty Hopkins (1934-35)-Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago White Sox

Pat Ankenman (1936, 1943-44)-St. Louis Cardinals, Brooklyn

Ernie Koy (1938-42)-Brooklyn, St. Louis Cardinals, Cincinnati, Philadelphia Phillies

Hank Helf (1938, 40, 46)-Cleveland, St. Louis Cardinals

Richard Midkiff (1938)-Boston Red Sox

Mel Preibisch (1940-41)-Boston Braves

Norm Branch (1941-42)-New York Yankees

C.C. (Tex) Hughson (1941-44, 46-49)-Boston Red Sox

Jack Conway (1941, 46-48)-Cleveland, New York Yankees

Mel Deutsch (1946)-Boston Red Sox

Grady Hatton (1946-56, 60; Mgr. 1966-68)-Cincinnati, Chicago White Sox, Boston Red Sox, Baltimore, St. Louis Cardinals, Chicago Cubs – managed Houston Astros

Pete Layden (1948)-St. Louis Browns

Randy Jackson (1950-59)-Chicago Cubs, Brooklyn, Cleveland

Murray Wall (1950, 57-59)-Boston Braves, Boston Red Sox, Washington

Tom Hamilton (1952-53)-Philadelphia Athletics

Kal Segrist (1952, 55)-New York Yankees, Baltimore

Charley Gorin (1954-55)-Milwaukee Braves

Mack Burk (1956, 58)-Philadelphia Phillies

Harry Taylor (1957)-Kansas City Athletics

Howie Reed (1958-60, 64-67, 69-71)-Kansas City Athletics, Los Angeles Dodgers, California, Houston, Montreal

Max Alvis (1962-70)-Cleveland, Milwaukee Brewers

Wayne Graham (1963-64)-Philadelphia, New York Mets

Bill Bethea (1964)-Minnesota

Bart Shirley (1964, 66-68)-Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Mets

Chuck Hartenstein (1965-70, 77)-Chicago Cubs, Pittsburgh, St. Louis Cardinals, Toronto

Joe Hague (1968-73)-St. Louis, Cincinnati

Gary Moore (1970)-Los Angeles Dodgers

Burt Hooton (1971-85)-Chicago Cubs, Los Angeles, Texas (coach: 2000-04, Houston)

Dave Chalk (1973-81)-California, Texas Rangers, Oakland, Kansas City Royals

Larry Hardy (1974-76)-San Diego, Houston, Texas (coach, 1995-01)

Mike Beard (1974-77)-Atlanta

Jim Gideon (1975)-Texas

Ken Pape (1976)-Texas

Bobby Cuellar (1977)-Texas (coach: 2001)

Keith Moreland (1978-89)-Philadelphia, Chicago Cubs, San Diego, Baltimore, Detroit

Richard Wortham (1978-80, 83)-Chicago White Sox, Oakland

Karl Pagel (1978-79, 81-83)-Chicago Cubs, Cleveland

Tommy Harmon (1978-79)-Philadelphia Phillies bench coach

Tony Brizzolara (1979, 83-84)-Atlanta

Jerry Don Gleaton (1979-82, 84-85, 87-92)-Texas Rangers, Seattle, Chicago White Sox, Kansas City Royals, Detroit, Pittsburgh

Bob Kearney (1979, 81-87)-San Francisco, Oakland, Seattle

Don Kainer (1980)-Texas

Andre Robertson (1981-85)-New York Yankees

Ron Gardenhire (1981-85)-New York Mets (coach: 1989-01)-3 teams; manager, Minnesota (2002-14)

Keith Creel (1982-83, 85, 87)-Kansas City Royals, Texas

Ricky Wright (1982-86)-Los Angeles, Texas

Jim Acker (1983-92)-Toronto, Atlanta, Seattle

Spike Owen (1983-95)-Seattle, Boston Red Sox, Montreal, New York Yankees, California

Roger Clemens (1984-07)-Boston Red Sox, Toronto, New York Yankees, Houston

Calvin Schiraldi (1984-91)-Boston, Chicago Cubs, San Diego

Jeff Hearron (1985-86)-Toronto

Tony Arnold (1986-87)-Baltimore

Bruce Ruffin (1986-97)-Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Colorado

Greg Swindell (1986-02)-Cleveland, Houston, Minnesota, Boston, Arizona

Mike Brumley (1987, 89-95)-Chicago Cubs, Detroit, Seattle, Boston, Houston, Oakland

Mike Capel (1988, 1990-91)-Chicago Cubs, Milwaukee, Houston

Dennis Cook (1988-02)-San Francisco, Philadelphia, Los Angeles Dodgers, Cleveland, Texas, Florida, New York Mets, Anaheim

Scott Coolbaugh (1989-91, 94)-Texas, San Diego, St. Louis

Bill Bates (1989-90)-Milwaukee, Cincinnati

Rusty Richards (1989-90)-Atlanta

Rick Parker (1990-91, 93-97)-San Francisco, Houston, New York Mets, Los Angeles Dodgers

Jose Tolentino (1991)-Houston

Kirk Dressendorfer (1991)-Oakland

Mark Petkovsek (1991, 93, 95-01)-Texas, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Anaheim

Rudy Jaramillo (coach) (1990-93, 95-12)-4 teams Todd Haney (1992, 94-96, 98)-Montreal, Chicago Cubs, New York Mets

Shane Reynolds (1992-04)-Houston, Atlanta, Arizona

Scott Fredrickson (1993)-Colorado

Brooks Kieschnick (1996-97, 00-05)-Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati, Colorado, Milwaukee

Tim Belk (1996)-Cincinnati

Shane Halter (1997-98, 00-04)-Kansas City Royals, New York Mets, Detroit, Anaheim

Stephen Larkin (1998)-Cincinnati

Calvin Murray (1999-02, 04)-San Francisco, Texas, Chicago Cubs

J.D. Smart (1999-01)-Montreal, Texas

Adam Dunn (2001-14)-4 teams

Jose Flores (2002)-Oakland

Stephen Randolph (2003-04)-Arizona

Phil Seibol (2004)-Boston Red Sox

Brad Halsey (2004-06)-New York Yankees, Arizona, Oakland

Scott Dunn (2004, 06)-Anaheim, Tampa Bay

Huston Street (2005-17)-4 teams

J.P. Howell (2005-17)-3 teams

Omar Quintanilla (2005-09, 11-14)-Colorado, Texas, Baltimore

Brandon Fahey (2006-09)-Baltimore, Toronto

Ryan Roberts (2006-15)-5 teams

Curtis Thigpen (2007-08)-Toronto, Oakland

Mike Hollimon (2008)-Detroit

Geno Espineli (2008)-San Francisco

Taylor Teagarden (2008-16)-4 teams

Drew Stubbs (2009-17)-4 teams

James Russell (2010-16)-3 teams

Sam LeCure (2010-15)-Cincinnati, Los Angeles Dodgers

Brandon Belt (2011-19)-San Francisco

Chance Ruffin (2011, 13)-Detroit, Seattle

Jordan Danks (2012-15)-Chicago White Sox, Philadelphia

Brandon Workman (2013-19)-Boston Red Sox

Cameron Rupp (2013-19)-Philadelphia, Detroit

Corey Knebel (2014-19)-Detroit, Milwaukee

Taylor Jungmann (2015-19)-Milwaukee

Andrew McKirahan (2015)-Atlanta


Texas A&M

Mike Balenti (1911-13)-St. Louis Browns, Cincinnati

Tim Griesenbeck (1920)-St. Louis

Ripper Collins (1920-31)-New York Yankees

Bernie Henderson (1921)-Cleveland

Topper Rigney (1922-27)-Detroit, Boston Red Sox, Washington Senators

Pat Olsen (1924-26)-New York Yankees

Joel Hunt (1928)-St. Louis Cardinals

Beau Bell (1935-41)-St. Louis Browns, Detroit, Cleveland

Jake Mooty (1936-37, 40-44), Cincinnati, Chicago Cubs, Detroit

Cotton Pippen (1936, 1939-40)-St. Louis Cardinals, Philadelphia Athletics, Detroit

Bill Sodd (1937)-Cleveland

Jesse Landrum (1938)-Chicago White Sox

John Carden (1946)-New York Giants

Stan Hollmig (1949-51)-Philadelphia

Ray Katt (1952-59)-New York Giants, St. Louis Cardinals

Les Peden (1953)-Washington Senators

Wally Moon (1954-65)-St. Louis, Los Angeles Dodgers

Davey Johnson (1965-75, 77-78)-5 teams; (Manager-1987-98, 00, 11-13)

Lou Camilli (1969-73)-Cleveland

Doug Rau (1972-79, 81)-Los Angeles Dodgers, California Angels

Bob Bonner (1980-83)-Baltimore

Bryan Little (1982-86)-Montreal

Mark Ross (1982, 84-85, 87-88)-Houston

Mark Thurmond (1983-90)-San Diego, Baltimore

Steve Davis (1985-86, 89)-Toronto, Cleveland

Sherman Corbett (1988-90)-California Angels

Rick Luecken (1989-90)-Kansas City, Atlanta, Toronto

Russ Swan (1989-94)-San Francisco, Seattle, Cleveland

Ever Magallanes (1991)-Cleveland

Chuck Knoblauch (1991-02)-3 teams

Scott Livingstone (1991-98)-4 teams

Troy Neel (1992-94)-Oakland

Jeff Granger (1993-94, 96-97)-Kansas City, Pittsburgh

Rich Robertson (1993-98)-3 teams

Chris Clemons (1997)-Chicago White Sox

Trey Moore (1998, 00-01)-Montreal, Atlanta

Chad Allen (1999-05)-4 teams

Ryan Rupe (1999-03)-Tampa Bay, Boston

Matt Blank (2000-01)-Montreal

Kevin Beirne (2000-02)-4 teams

Kelly Wunsch (2000-07)-Chicago White Sox, Anaheim/Los Angeles Angels

Jason Tyner (2000-09)-4 teams

Casey Fossum (2000-09)-5 teams

Justin Atchley (2001)-Cincinnati

Logan Kensing (2004-09, 13-16)-5 teams

Zach Jackson (2006, 2008-09)-4 teams

Eric Reed (2006-07, 09)-Florida

Cliff Pennington (2008-18)-Oakland, Arizona, Cincinnati

Justin Ruggiano (2007-08, 11-18)-9 teams

Bobby Ray (2009-11)-Toronto

Brandon Hicks (2010-12, 14)-Atlanta, Oakland, San Francisco

Kevin Whelan (2011, 14)-New York Yankees, Detroit

Brooks Raley (2012-13)-Chicago Cubs

Alex Wilson (2013-18)-Boston, Detroit

Michael Wacha (2013-18)-St. Louis

Tyler Naquin (2016-18)-Cleveland

Ross Stripling (2016-18)-Los Angeles Dodgers

Daniel Mengden (2016-18)-Oakland

Kyle Martin (2017)-Boston


Texas Tech

Chuck Harrison (1965-67, 69, 71)-4 teams

Doug Ault (1976-78, 80)-Texas, Toronto

Mike Humphreys (1991-93)-New York Yankees

Donald Harris (1991-93)-Texas

Mark Brandenburg (1995-97)-Texas, Boston

Ryan Nye (1997-00)-Philadelphia

Travis Smith (1998, 2001-02, 04-05)-5 teams

Keith Ginter (2000-05)-Houston, Milwaukee, Oakland

Brandon Kolb (2000-02)-San Diego, Milwaukee

Matt Miller (2001-02)-Detroit

Stubby Clapp (2001)-St. Louis

Travis Driskill (2002-05, 07)-Baltimore, Colorado, Houston

Josh Bard (2002-11)-7 teams

Trey Lunsford (2002-03)-San Francisco

Steve Watkins (2004)-San Diego

Joe Dillon (2005-07, 09)-4 teams

Chris Sampson (2006-11)-Houston

Jeff Karstens (2006-13)-New York Yankees, Pittsburgh

Dallas Braden (2007-12)-Oakland

Dustin Richardson (2009-10)-Boston

Josh Tomlin (2010-17)-Cleveland

Zach Stewart (2011-12) – Toronto, Chicago White Sox, Boston

AJ Ramos (2012-17)-Miami, New York Mets

Nate Karns (2013-17, 19)-5 teams

Colt Hynes (2013-15)-San Diego

Chad Bettis (2013-19)-Colorado Rockies

Roger Kieschnick (2013-14)-San Francisco

Daniel Coulombe (2014-19)-Los Angeles Dodgers, Oakland


West Virginia

Scoops Carey (1895, 98, 1902-03)-3 teams

Jake Hewitt (1895)-Pittsburgh

Charlie Hickman (1897-1908)-8 teams

Ed Kenna (1902)-Philadelphia Athletics

Gene Curtis (1903)-Pittsburgh

Bull Smith (1904, 06, 11)-F teams

Buck Washer (1905)-Philadelphia Phillies

Larry McClure (1910-New York Yankees

Frank Barron (1914)-Washington Senators

Skeeter Shelton (1915)-New York Yankees

John Woods (1924)-Boston Red Sox

Herman Layne (1927)-Pittsburgh

Babe Barna (1937-43)-3 teams

Johnny Gorsica (1940-44, 46-47)-Detroit

Jim Fridley (1952, 54, 58)-3 teams

George Freese (1953, 55, 61)-3 teams

Jim Heise (1957)-Washington Senators

Paul Popovich (1964-75)-4 teams

Bucky Guth (1972)-Minnesota

Darrell Whitmore (1993-95)-Florida

Joe Hudson (1995-98)-Boston, Milwaukee

Steve Kline (1997-2007)-5 team

Scott Seabol (2001, 05)-NY Yankees, St. Louis

Dustin Nippert (2005-10)-Arizona, Texas

David Carpenter (2011-15)-4 teams

Jedd Gyorko (2013-18)-San Diego, St. Louis

Vince Belnome (2014)-Tampa Bay

John Means (2018-19)-Detroit, Baltimore

Harrison Musgrave (2019)-Colorado

 Former/Current Major League Baseball Players Who Starred in College Football But Not Did Play in NFLPrimary Major League Teams Listed (July 31, 2019)


Harry Agganis, Boston U. – Boston Red Sox

Bernie Allen, Purdue – Minnesota Twins

Ferrell Anderson, Kansas – Brooklyn Dodgers

Eldon Auker, Kansas State – Detroit Tigers

Les Backman, Rose Poly (Ind.) – St. Louis Cardinals

Babe Barna (West Virginia) – Philadelphia A’s

Emile Barnes, Alabama – Cincinnati Reds

Don Baylor, LA City College – Baltimore

Bob Bescher, Notre Dame, Wittenberg – Cincinnati

Mitchell Boggs, Georgia, Chattanooga – St. Louis

+&Lou Brock, Southern (La.) – St. Louis Cardinals

Mike Busch, Idaho State – Los Angeles Angels

Bill Carrigan, Holy Cross – Boston Red Sox

Scott Carroll, Purdue, Missouri State – Chicago White Sox

&Joe Carter, Wichita State – Toronto Blue Jays

George Caster, San Bernardino Valley College – Philadelphia Phillies

Norm Cash, Sul Ross – Detroit Tigers

Paul Castner, Notre Dame – Chicago White Sox

Spud Chandler, Georgia – New York Yankees

Sam Chapman, California – Philadelphia Athletics

Galen Cisco, Ohio State – New York Mets

Sumpter Clarke, South Carolina – Cleveland

Donn Clendenon, Morehouse – Pittsburgh

Mickey Cochrane, Boston U. – Detroit Tigers

Jack Coffey, Fordham – Boston Red Sox

Vince Coleman, Florida A&M – St. Louis Cardinals

Eddie Collins, Columbia – Philadelphia Athletics

Ripper Collins, Texas A&M – New York Yankees

Jack Coombs, Colby – Philadelphia Athletics

Cliff Crawford, Davidson – St. Louis Browns

Harry Curtis, Notre Dame, Syracuse – New York Giants

Alvin Dark, LSU and Louisiana-Lafayette – New York, SF Giants (also manager)

Ron Darling, Yale – New York Mets

Doc Daugherty, Ohio State – Detroit

Jim Davenport, Southern Miss – San Francisco

Charlie Dees, McNeese State – Los Angeles Dodgers

%Mark DeRosa, Pennsylvania – Atlanta Braves

Walt Dropo, Connecticut – 4 teams

Adam Dunn, Texas – Cincinnati Reds

Eddie Dyer, Rice – St. Louis Cardinals

Dave Eiland, Florida – New York Yankees

Harry Elliott, Minnesota – St. Louis Cardinals

Darin Erstad, Nebraska – Anaheim Angels

Chuck Essegian, Stanford – Cleveland Indians

William Fehring, Purdue – Chicago White Sox

Josh Fields, Oklahoma State – Chicago White Sox

Bob Finley, SMU –                 Philadelphia Phillies

Frankie Frisch, Fordham – St. Louis Cardinals (also manager)

Steve Garvey, Michigan State – Los Angeles Dodgers

Tom Gastall, Boston U. – Baltimore

+&Lou Gehrig, Columbia -New York Yankees

Charlie Gelbert, Lebanon Valley – St. Louis Cardinals

Doc Gessler, Ohio Medical – Brooklyn Dodgers

*Jake Gibbs, Mississippi – New York Yankees

Kirk Gibson, Michigan State – Los Angeles Dodgers

Paul Giel, Minnesota – New York Giants

Grant Gillis, Alabama – Washington Senators

Ralph Glaze, Colorado, Dartmouth – Boston Red Sox

Jerry Goff, California – Detroit

Tom Haller, Illinois – San Francisco Giants

Carroll Hardy, Colorado – Boston Red Sox

Donald Harris, Texas Tech – Texas Rangers

Chuck Harrison, Texas Tech – Houston Astros

Bill Haselman, UCLA – Boston Red Sox

Rick Helling, North Dakota – Texas Rangers

Todd Helton, Tennessee – Colorado Rockies

Harvey Hendrick, Vanderbilt – Brooklyn Dodgers

Al Hermann, Colgate – Boston Braves

John Herrnstein, Michigan – Philadelphia Phillies

Earl Hersh, West Chester – Brooklyn Dodgers

Jim Hickman, Penn State – Chicago Cubs

Jesse Hill, Southern California – Washington Senators

Butch Hobson, Alabama – Boston Red Sox (also manager)

Art Howe, Wyoming – Houston Astros (also manager)

Chad Huffman, TCU – New York Yankees

*Joel Hunt, Texas A&M – St. Louis Cardinals

+Reggie Jackson, Arizona State – Oakland Athletics

*Jackie Jensen, California – Boston Red Sox

Dan Jessee, Pacific (Ore.) – Cleveland

Don Kellett, Pennsylvania – Boston Red Sox

Red Kelly, Notre Dame – Chicago White Sox

Ted Kluszewski, Indiana – Cincinnati Reds

Kenneth Knode, Md. & Mich. – Cleveland

Steve Korcheck, Geo. Washington – Washington Senators

Ernie Koy, Texas – Brooklyn Dodgers

Bert Kuczynski, Pennsylvania – Philadelphia A’s

Al Lary, Alabama – Chicago Cubs

John Lavan, Hope (Mich.) – St. Louis Cardinals

Rick Leach, Michigan -Toronto Blue Jays

Em Lindbeck, Illinois – Detroit

Dean Look, Michigan State – Chicago White Sox

Don Lund, Michigan – Detroit

&Fred Lynn, Southern California – Boston Red Sox

Ray Mack, Case-Western Reserve – Cleveland Indians

Daniel Mahoney, Holy Cross – Cincinnati Reds

Chuck Martin, Millikin

Gordon Massa, Holy Cross – Chicago Cubs

&Christy Mathewson, Bucknell – New York Giants

Jerry McCarthy, Pennsylvania – St. Louis Browns

Quinton McCracken, Duke – Arizona Diamondbacks

Dan McGinn, Notre Dame – Montreal

John McHale, Notre Dame – Detroit

Doc McJames, South Carolina – Washington Senators

James A. (Kid) McLaughlin – Cincinnati

Jerry McQuaig, Mercer – Philadelphia Athletics

George “Doc” Medich, Pittsburgh – New York Yankees

Lloyd Merriman, Stanford – Cincinnati Reds

Bud Metheny, William & Mary – Cincinnati Reds

Dutch Meyer, TCU – Chicago Cubs

Mike Miley, LSU – California Angels

Rupert Mills, Notre Dame – Newark

John Mohardt, Notre Dame – Detroit

Scrappy Moore, Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt – St. Louis Browns

Charley Moran, Tennessee, Bethel – St. Louis Cardinals

Keith Moreland, Texas – Chicago Cubs

Eddie Morgan, Tulane – Brooklyn Dodgers

Red Morgan, Notre Dame, Georgetown (D.C.) – Boston Red Sox

Troy Neel, Texas A&M – Oakland

Art Nehf, Rose Hulman – New York Giants

Phil Nevin, Cal State Fullerton – San Diego Padres

Warren Newson, Georgia – Chicago White Sox

%Jerry Owens, UCLA – Chicago White Sox

Tom Paciorek, Houston – Los Angeles Dodgers

Si Pauxtis, Pennsylvania – Cincinnati

Hugh Laurin Pepper, Southern Miss – Pirates

Herbert Perry, Florida – Texas Rangers

Andy Pilney, Notre Dame – Boston Braves

Bo Porter, Iowa – Chicago Cubs

George Purdy, Beloit – Cincinnati

Jim Pyburn, Auburn – Baltimore

Rick Reichardt, Wisconsin – Los Angeles/California Angels

Bobby Reeves, Georgia Tech  – Washington Senators

Steve Renko, Kansas – Montreal Expos

Bill Renna, Santa Clara – Boston Red Sox

Marv Rettenmund, Ball State – Baltimore

Ed Reulbach, Notre Dame, Vermont – Chicago Cubs

Carl Reynolds, Southwestern (Texas) – Chicago White Sox

*#+&Jackie Robinson, UCLA – Brooklyn Dodgers

Ken Rudolph, LA City College – Chicago Cubs

Wilfred Ryan, Holy Cross – New York Giants

%Jeff Samardzija, Notre Dame – Chicago Cubs

Wes Schulmerich, Oregon State – Boston Braves

+&Joe Sewell, Alabama – Cleveland

Luke Sewell, Alabama – Cleveland

Frank Shaughnessy, Notre Dame – Washington Senators

Joe Shaute, Juniata (Pa.) – Cleveland

Chick Shiver, Georgia – Detroit

*Fred Sington, Alabama – Washington Senators

Bill “Moose” Skowron, Purdue – New York Yankees

Red Smith, Notre Dame – New York Giants

%Seth Smith, Ole Miss – Oakland

Syd Smith, South Carolina – Cleveland

Joe Sparma, Ohio State – Detroit

+Tris Speaker, Texas Wesleyan – Cleveland

George Spencer, Ohio State – New York Giants

John Stearns, Colorado – New York Yankees

George (Snuffy) Stirnweiss, North Carolina – New York Yankees

Johnny Stuart, Ohio State – St. Louis Cardinals

Haywood Sullivan, Florida – Boston Red Sox

Matt Szczur, Villanova – Chicago Cubs

Joe Tepsic, Penn State – Brooklyn Dodgers

Henry Thielman, Notre Dame – 3 teams

+Frank Thomas, Auburn – Chicago White Sox

Eric Tipton, Duke – Cincinnati

Wayne Tolleson, Western Carolina – Texas Rangers, Yankees

Andy Tomasic, Temple – New York Giants

Jim Traber, Oklahoma State – Baltimore

Jay Van Noy, Utah State – St. Louis Cardinals

Fritz Von Kolnitz, South Carolina – Cincinnati

Gerald Walker, Mississippi – Detroit

Tom Whelan, Notre Dame, Boston College, Georgetown (D.C.) – New York Giants

Barney White, Tulsa – Brooklyn

Ed White, Alabama – Chicago White Sox

Rick Wilkins, Furman – Chicago Cubs

Cy Williams, Notre Dame – Philadelphia Phillies

Red Wilson, Wisconsin – Los Angeles Dodgers

+&Dave Winfield, Minnesota – New York Yankees

Francis Wistert, Michigan – Cincinnati

Ray Wolf, TCU – Cincinnati

Glenn Wright, Missouri – Pittsburgh

Tom Zachary, Guilford – Washington Senators


*NFF College Hall of Fame member

#1997 NFF Gold Medal recipient

+Baseball Hall of Fame member

&College Baseball Hall of Fame member

%Current Major Leaguer


Notables Who Played Both in the NFL and MLB

Cliff Aberson (no college) – Chicago Cubs

Red Badgro (Southern California) – St. Louis Browns

Norm Bass (Pacific) – Kansas City A’s

Gene Bedford (SMU) – Cleveland

Charlie Berry (Lafayette) – 4 teams, baseball umpire, NFL official

*Larry Bettencourt (St. Mary’s, Calif.) – SL Browns

Lyle Bigbee (Oregon) – Philadelphia Athletics

Josh Booty (LSU) – Florida

George Brickley (no college) – Philadelphia Athletics

Tom Brown (Maryland) – Washington

Garland Buckeye (no college) – Cleveland Indians

Bruce Caldwell (Brown/Yale) – Cleveland

Ralph Capron (Minnesota) – Philadelphia Phillies

Jim Castiglia (Georgetown) – Philadelphia A’s

Chuck Corgan (Arkansas) – Brooklyn Dodgers

Shorty Des Jardien (U. of Chicago) – Cleveland

D.J. Dozier (Penn State – New York Mets

Charlie Dressen (no college) – Cincinnati, New York Giants

*Paddy Driscoll (Northwestern) – Chicago White Sox

Steve Filipowicz, Fordham – Cincinnati

George Halas (Illinois) – New York Yankees

Chad Hutchinson (Stanford) – St. Louis Cardinals

*Bo Jackson (Auburn) – Kansas City Royals

*Vic Janowicz (Ohio State) – Pittsburgh

Brian Jordan (Richmond) – 5 teams

Pete Layden (Texas) – St. Louis Browns

Jim Levey (no college) – St. Louis Browns

*Earle “Greasy” Neale (West Virginia Wesleyan) – multiple NFL and MLB teams

*Ernie Nevers (Stanford) – St. Louis Browns

*Ace Parker (Duke) – Philadelphia A’s

Jack Perrin (no college) – Boston Red Sox

Al Pierotti (Washington & Lee), Boston Braves

*Deion Sanders (Florida State) – Atlanta Braves

Red Smith (Notre Dame) – New York Giants

*Jim Thorpe (Carlisle) – New York Giants

*Ernie Vick (Michigan) – St. Louis Cardinals

Tom Whelan (Dartmouth, Georgetown, D.C., Boston College, Notre Dame) – Boston Braves

Tom Yewcic (Michigan State) – Detroit Tigers


Other College Baseball-Football Notables

*Donny Anderson, Texas Tech

John Lee Armstrong, Samford

Noble Atkins, TCU

Jack Baer, Oklahoma

*Steve Bartkowski, California

*Sam Baugh, TCU

Joe Bedenk, Penn State

Clair Bee, Waynesburg

*Joe Bellino, Navy

Buck Belue, Georgia

Dick Bennett, Ripon

Charles Bernier, Virginia Tech

Dutch Bergman, Notre Dame

Cameron Berra, Eastern Illinois

*Hugo Bezdek, U. of Chicago

Bob Blake, Vanderbilt

Larry Blakeney, Auburn

Coty Blanchard, Jacksonville State

Joe Borchard, Stanford

John Bowers, James Madison

Sparky Box, North Alabama

Tom Brady, Michigan

John Bramlett, Memphis

John Brantley III, Florida

Melvin Brown, Oklahoma

Sheldon Brown, South Carolina

Milt Bruhn, Minnesota

Terrell Buckley, Florida State

Steve Burger, Vanderbilt

Whitey Campbell, Miami (Fla.)

Jonathan Carkhuff, Davidson

*Lloyd Carr, Missouri/Northern Michigan

Scott Carroll, Missouri State/Purdue

Richard Carthon, Tulane

Joe Carwell, North Alabama

Pete Cawthon, Southwestern (Texas)

Blair Cherry, TCU

Geep Chryst, Princeton

Dan Clark, Utah

*Dutch Clark, Michigan, Colorado College

Herman Clark, TCU

*Josh Cody, Vanderbilt

Mike Collar, Maine

Rick Comegy, Millersville

Jimmy Conzelman, Washington (St. Louis)

Lee Corso, Florida State

*Carmen Cozza, Miami (Ohio)

Joe Craddock, Middle Tennessee

Eddie Crawford, Ole Miss

Parke Davis, Princeton

Paul Davis, Ole Miss

Jack Del Rio, Southern California

Jeff Devanney, Trinity (Conn.)

M.M. Dickinson, Georgia

Ad Dietzel, TCU

*Mike Ditka, Pittsburgh

Marquise Doherty, Missouri

*Gus Dorais, Notre Dame

John Douglas, Miami (Fla.)

Ferd Dreher, U. of Denver

*Dick Duden, Navy

Bobby Duhon, Tulane

Donnie Duncan, Austin College

Adam Dunn, Texas

*Bump Elliott, Purdue, Michigan

*John Elway, Stanford

Weeb Ewbank, Miami (Ohio)

*Al Exendine, Carlisle

John Faiman, Nebraska

Zach Farrer, Oklahoma

*Don Faurot, Missouri

*Wes Fesler, Ohio State

Adrian Fiala, Nebraska

Fred Fisher, Vanderbilt

Justin Fitzpatrick, Western Illinois

Carl Forkum, Penn State

Ewing Y. Freeland, Vanderbilt

Brad Freeman, Mississippi State

Jake Fromm, Georgia

Tyler Gaffney, Stanford

Arnie Galiffa, Army

Kyle Gallagher, Cornell/Duke

Bobby Garza, Tyler College

*Kirk Gibson, Michigan State

  1. King Gill, Texas A&M

*George Gipp, Notre Dame

Ralph Glaze. Dartmouth

Dr. John Goodgame, Vanderbilt

Ronnie Goodwin, Baylor

Stephen Gostkowski, Memphis

*Otto Graham, Northwestern

Bud Grant, Minnesota

Jeff Grantz, South Carolina

Howard Grubbs, TCU

Scott Gyorko, West Virginia

George Halas, Illinois

Gene Hardmann, Navy

Jack Harbaugh, Bowling Green

Chic Harley, Ohio State

Juwaun Harris, Rutgers

Charles Hawkins, Vanderbilt

Tom Henderson, Vanderbilt

Drew Henson, Michigan

Mac Hippenhammer, Penn State

*Elroy “Crazylegs” Hirsch, Wisconsin

Charles Hockenberry, West Virginia

Zach Hoffpauir, Stanford

Mark Hogan, Georgia State

Keith Holcombe, Alabama

Condredge Holloway, Tennessee

Bob Hopper, Delaware

Jakahari Howell, Ouachita Baptist

Mark Howeth, Austin College

Royce Huffman, TCU

Pete Hughes, Davidson

Scott Huffman, Rice

*Don Hutson, Alabama

John Idzik, Maryland

*Vic Janowicz, Ohio State

Ron Jaworski, Youngstown State

John Jenkins, Arkansas

*Morley Jennings, Mississippi State

Andy Johnson, Georgia

Rob Johnson, Southern California

*Ralph “Shug” Jordan, Auburn

Danny Kanell, Florida State

Arthur Karpus, Michigan

*Roy Kidd, Eastern Kentucky

Glenn Killinger, Penn State

Patrick Kivlehan, Rutgers

Cole Kmet, Notre Dame

Ty Koehn, Bethel (Minn.)

Doc Kuhn, Vanderbilt

Ron Lauterback, Michigan

Dan Law, Texas Tech

*Bobby Layne, Texas

*Eddie LeBaron, Pacific

Buddy Leake, Oklahoma

Ricky Lindsey, North Alabama

Dave Logan, Colorado

George Lombard, Georgia

Jeff Long, Ohio Wesleyan

Don Looney, TCU

Trey Lowe, West +Virginia

Mike Lude, Hillsdale

John Lynch, Stanford

Xander Maddox, Richmond

Brandon Magee, Arizona State

*Eddie Mahan, Harvard

Patrick Mahomes, Texas Tech

Frankie Mandola, Rice

*Archie Manning, Ole Miss

*Rags Matthews, TCU

William Matthews, Tuskegee, Harvard

Matt Mauck, LSU

Perry McGriff, Florida

Robbie McInerny, California

Brandon McIlwain, So. Carolina/California

Jim McKee, Vanderbilt

Steve McShane, Western Illinois

*Bob McWhorter, Georgia

L.D. Meyer, TCU

E.J. Mills, Dayton

Orvis Milner, Richmond, Tennessee

Sammy Milner, Mississippi State

Jack Mitchell, Northwestern

Jared Mitchell, LSU

Odus Mitchell, West Texas A&M

Evan Moore, Stanford

Buddy Moore, North Alabama

Gary Moore, Texas

Earl Morrall, Michigan State

*Ray Morrison, Vanderbilt

*Harold “Brick” Muller, California

Anthony Munoz, Southern California

Bubber Murphy, Middle Tennessee

Floyd Murphy, Oklahoma

Kyler Murray, Oklahoma

*Jess Neely, Vanderbilt

*Gen. Robert Neyland, Army/Texas A&M

Tom Odjakjian, Lafayette

Gen. Ray Odierno, Army

Shorty Ogle, Birmingham-Southern

*Elmer Oliphant, Army

*Bennie Oosterbaan, Michigan

*Dr. Tom Osborne, Hastings (Neb.)

*Bennie Owen, Kansas

Joe Paparelli, Bryant

Kyle Parker, Clemson

Red Parker, Arkansas-Monticello

Bo Patterson, Dartmouth

Jace Patterson, McNeese State

*Bob Peck, Pittsburgh

Jeff Peeples, Vanderbilt

D.J. Ponder, Tulane

Earl Potteiger, Ursinus/Albright

*Tommy Prothro, Duke

Marion Pugh, Texas A&M

Frank Ramirez, Arkansas State/Western Illinois

*Tubby Raymond, Michigan

Makay Redd, Fordham

John Reddell, Oklahoma

Red Reeder, Army

Larry Reynolds, Stanford

Grantland Rice, Vanderbilt

*Pat Richter, Wisconsin

Dr. Archie Roberts, Columbia

*Ira Rodgers, West Virginia

Kevin Rose, North Alabama

*Ad Rutschman, Linfield

Adley Rutschman, Oregon State

Ed Salem, Alabama

Button Salmon, Arizona

Paul Sanders, Presbyterian

*Red Sanders, Vanderbilt

Jordan Scelfo, Incarnate Word

*Tom Scott, Virginia

Hal Self, Alabama

Derrick Shaw, Florida A&M

Ian Shields, Oregon State

Bob Sheppard, St. John’s (N.Y.)

Ian Shields, Oregon State

Dave Sime, Duke

Ty Slanina, TCU

DeAndre Smelter, Georgia Tech

Crook Smith, Mercer

Earl Smith, East Carolina

Kevan Smith, Pittsburgh

Ken Stabler, Alabama

*Amos Alonzo Stagg, Yale, Chicago

Edgar Stansbury, WKU

*Roger Staubach, Navy

Weston Steelhammer, Air Force

Herman Stegeman, U. of Chicago

&Gene Stephenson, Missouri

Cyrus Strahm, Morehead State

James Street, Texas

&Mickey Sullivan, Baylor

Colby Targun, Texas State

Golden Tate, Notre Dame

Floyd Temple, Kansas

Roger Theder, Western Michigan

Cody Thomas, Oklahoma

*Frank Thomas, Western State, Notre Dame

Chris Thomsen, TCU/Abilene Christian

David Thompson, Miami (Fla.)

*John Tigert, Vanderbilt

Mike Thiessen, Air Force

Dan Topping Sr., Pennsylvania

Carl Torbush, Carson-Newman

*Charlie Trippi, Georgia

Lon Varnell, Freed-Hardeman

*Doak Walker, SMU

Fulton Walker, West Virginia

Johnny Walker, Texas

Matt Walker, DePauw

Jacob Wark, California

*Kenny Washington, UCLA

Cody Webster, Purdue

Norris Weese, Ole Miss

Auburn Wells, Murray State

Nathan Whitaker, Duke

*Byron White, Colorado

*Danny White, Arizona State

Clyde Williams, Iowa

Cody Williams, Stephen F. Austin

*Ricky Williams, Texas

Tyrone Willingham, Arizona State

Russell Wilson, NC State/Wisconsin

Jameis Winston, Florida State

Raymond (Bear) Wolf, TCU

Brent Woodall, California

Mike Wright, Vanderbilt

Walton Wright, Birmingham-Southern

Glen Young, Mississippi State

Harry Young, 3 schools





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