Norm’s weekly visit with Rick Gosslin

by Dan M | Posted on Sunday, March 30th, 2014


Norm:  First of all let’s go to the cowboys. You know sometimes we like to pick on Jerry Jones for the things he says. But Jerry says he’s not rebuilding his 8-8 team. Isn’t that pretty legitimate? 8-8 teams aren’t in rebuilding modes, they were a game or two from the playoffs. I know that cowboy fans have heard that before, but 8-8 teams don’t go in to strict rebuilding modes usually.
Goose: No, not unless you’ve gone five consecutive years without making the playoffs, then you have to make some changes and I think he’s doing that. As long as Tony Romo is under contract he’s not going to use the word
‘rebuild’. When they have to find a new quarterback, and re-tool then he will rebuild. Until then, he’s all-in on Romo and it’s going to be a one-year type thing every year. You know they’re going to have contract problems next year. Having restructured Romo contrancts, Lee contracts, Scandrick contracts, that problems not going to go away anytime soon. As long as Romo is under contract, your franchise quarterback, you’re not in rebuilding mode so he’s right about that.

Norm: Goose, shouldn’t we then take this conversation back a few years when the cowboys first started getting in to cap trouble and the Cowboys said ‘oh don’t worry, we’ll be able to do whatever we need to do.’. Bottom line is that was bologna wasn’t it?
Goose: Yeah. It’s all bologna. In the end, the money is going to catch up with you. That’s the way the caps designed. Like I said, you had to cut Ware, you had to let Hatcher go. If there’s no cap, Ware and Hatcher are still here. There’s more hits coming. Miles Austin will be cut. What they’re trying to avoid is a major crash-and-burn, which is what the 49ers and Cowboys both suffered in the late 1990’s. As long as he has Tony Romo he feels he can do that, but yeah the money is catching up with the Dallas Cowboys. This off-season it’s caught up big time.
Norm: You know, he said another thing, and I know we live to dissect Jerry statements, but he said ‘look, we were 8-8 last year with arguably the worst defense in the league. If we can some how fix that, we should have a chance at being a solid playoff team’. The answer to that statement is that it’s correct, isn’t it?
Goose: Right but there’s a difference between being a playoff team and a Super Bowl contender. If your goal is to be a playoff contender and be 9-7 and go out in the first round, that’s one thing. This town has a higher standard, this town has seen three super bowl champions in the last 20, 25 years. They’re not buying in to the we’re happy going 9-7 and being a contender but that’s where the Cowboys are at. There are probably 24 playoff contenders right now, and the Cowboys are being one of them.


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