Norm’s weekly visit with Rick Gosslin

by Dan M | Posted on Sunday, April 20th, 2014


Norm: Baseball instituted replay and it has not been a good first two weeks for the system. Is this just a sorting out period or is this a little more of a hill to climb than baseball first thought?
Goose: I think its been more of a hill to climb. You see the NFL, they still blow calls and how long have they had replay. You still see the NFL miss calls. Again your talking to the wrong guy. Im not a fan of any replay, I would abolish all replay. My feeling is when the players become perfect make the officials perfect. I still like the human element in the game. I just think its going to compound the misery. Longer games. With Wash the play was overturned and hes arguing with people last night that had no say in the final decision and he gets ejected. Its going to make long baseball games even longer.

Norm: I feel for Wash because your exactly correct go talk to the people who made the decision.
Goose: Then why go out? I don’t get that. Norm its all headed that way. I think in the near future the NFL will be making relay decisions in New York. The NBA and baseball its all don’t there and that’s whats going to happen. That should speed up the game because the manager and the coach can argue but until the managers figure that out it dosent make any since.
Norm: Well they are just so darn frustrated Goose.
Goose: I understand that but the umpires didn’t make the call. It’s a kill the messenger type thing.
Norm: In fact the umpires made what appeared to be the correct call and had it over turned. I mean Wash was yelling at the guys who actually got it right.
Goose: Well baseball wanted replay and baseballs got it and they will live with it.
Norm: Much like the NFL I see some of these replays in baseball and arguments about overturn when it shouldn’t have been. Its not a question of the technology process it’s a question of nobody is sure of the rule.
Goose: I agree. Baseball has a lot of work to do to polish up this system.  They got to simplify it and they got to clarify it and right now your going to see all kinds of debacles like last night in the meantime.


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