Norm’s weekly visit with Rick Gosslin

by Dan M | Posted on Monday, May 19th, 2014


Norm: We have no problem with Demarcus Lawrence do we?
Goose: Nope, they need an edge rusher, he is an edge rusher.
Norm: He is not good against the run, but they needed somebody to rush the passer.
Goose: yup
Norm: Now the problem is the price paid?
Goose: Yeah, he gave up a three. The first three rounds of a draft are your premium picks. Those players should be walk in starters on an average teams like the cowboys. And they gave up essentially two starters for one and we aren’t even sure if Lawrence will be a three down player for them.
Norm: Well from what the Cowboys say he is not to be a three down player
Goose: Right. I think he needs to get stronger. I think it is going to take a year to get stronger. In 2015 hopefully you get a three down in. but for right now to justify this, they are going to need double digit sacks because you gave up two starters for him. And you have to replace 17 sacks with the departure of hatre and ware
Norm: Rookie Rushers don’t do that Goose
Goose: You have to if you’re going to give up a two and a three. You are telling us this kid is special
Norm: Where do you think the flaw comes in the thinking in this and other such deals in the past?
Goose: I think the cowboys believe they are always one player away. That this team is a lot closer than reality says it is. One year ago you thought it was Mel Calborn so you give up your second to get Mel Calborn. Now you think it is Ned Rush, so you
give up your third. When you give up those picks youre slowing down the building process. You’re knocking down a starter out of the mix. That’s two starters out of the mix if you do not trade up.
Norm: I am going to give you the cowboys statement. We so desperately needed that right defensive end, we so desperately needed some kind of pressure player on the defensive line, that we thought it was okay to overpay a bit of Lawrence.
Goose: I think that’s overpaying a lot for Lawrence, for a guy who is not going to be a three down starter, and there inlines the problem with the thinking. If you think you’re one player away go make that deal. I do not think they are one player away. Let me add one more thing. He is the 34th
is the last is chance to find an edge rusher? That is showing a blatant lack of respect and trust for your scouting department. You’re spending millions of dollars and you’re telling me they could only find 3 edge rushers, clowney, barr and Lawrence. Why are you spending all that money if the barn door closes at 34
Norm: Did you feel the same way about the step up in round 5 about the wide receiver?
Goose: That was a 7th are premium picks. You have to protect those picks. That’s how you build your championship team with those three picks. In my column, I wrote about all the third round starters out of last year’s draft, you know Keenan Allen out of San Diego, wide receiver thousand-yard season. Tampa Bay got their starting quarterback in the third round. There are a handful of starting guards, safety’s, linebackers. These are good players and the cowboys they become focused on winning now and not winning in 2015, 2016, 2017, and they give up a premium pick for the short term.
Norm: If Lawrence was this big of need and this much of a we feel the board is empty at this point, what if you taken him at 16 and kept your second and third picks.
Goose: That would have been wise. If you felt he is one of three and Anthony Barr goes at 9, then he is your next guy. If you feel he belongs there, then take him and
keep two and three. There is probably a better chance you can get a guard or a tackle in the second or third than to get an edge rusher. That would have made more sense than what they did.


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