Tom’s Special “K” move creates more power

by Dan M | Posted on Saturday, August 30th, 2014

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By Tom Ward

The golf tip this week is so simple and easy to incorporate into your actual swing. I call it the Special “ K” move.
This may sound like something you’ll find in your favorite breakfast cereal. However, I promise this drill will provide your golf swing with a whole lot more protein and energy for added power in all your shots.
The “Special K” drill will actually help spell your way to a better golf swing. I like to use a lot of imagery to get my point across.  For example, I speak Spanish, but I don’t speak the languages of some of the other countries I visit very fluently. So I like to use images in order to communicate a point to the golfers I’m working with especially when language might be a barrier. There is an old saying that goes “different words can mean different things to different people” which is very true. It can become quite confusing if you use a word or phrase assuming the person you are working with understands its meaning the same way you do. That’s why I like to demonstrate and show a golfer what to do so they can replicate it.
To play great golf, I believe is to play by feel. Which by the way I think Tiger Woods might want to look into because he’s been making his swing way to complicated needlessly. In order to get the correct feeling, I have students mimic my movements. This way they’re having fun and learning without over-complicating matters. I don’t want golfers to think too much because that’s a dangerous thing to do. Remember the old adage “too much analysis causes paralysis.” Kids are the best at this because they learn by observing and just reacting to what you’re doing.
Now, grab your golf club and get setup like you’re going to make a swing. I have one of my adult students assisting me for this exercise. I’ve drawn the letter ‘K’ in the photo on the left to showcase exactly what I’m talking about in regards to having great footwork in your golf swing. I’ve taught numerous professional athletes over the years and it’s essential that regardless of the sport you play you must have good footwork which promotes overall good balance. As the golfer makes his backswing you can clearly see that his left knee has moved inward towards his right leg forming the letter ‘K’ of the alphabet. This movement automatically allows the golfer to properly shift his weight correctly and initiate a fantastic chain reaction whereby the golfer is starting his swing from the ground up instead of letting his upper body dictate the motion. By getting his weight shifted and transferred over to the right side by making that letter‘K’ move he has systematically got the right leg and knee braced ready to absorb the power stored up in his backswing. He’s become a human rubber band so to speak. It’s like when you build a house you start from the ground up so you have a sturdy foundation.
Finally, as seen in the photo on the right this is where the golfer gets the ultimate payoff. Because he has allowed his left knee to go back inward instead of remaining stagnant he has gained tremendous leverage with the footwork in his swing. When done properly you can see how the golfer’s legs have created a dynamic pulling action bringing his club into the impact area with speed and lots of power. His legs have actually re-formed the letter ‘K’ again as he makes his follow-through.
Take notice at how good the golfer is staying down through the shot well after impact with his head remaining down.
Also, Look at how his right knee has kicked inward towards his left leg. I’ve drawn a reverse ‘K’ to highlight the point.
Because of great footwork he has been able to get tremendous extension with his arms thus insuring a well struck shot.
Listen, If you don’t have good lower body leg action in your swing golf will be a difficult game to master. Your hands may be the only contact you have with the club, but your feet are the only contact you have with the ground. So give this drill a try next time you’re out working on your game. When you start feeling all this new found power generating in your lower body you might want to include a little special “K” into your golfing diet.
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