Fantasy Football Rankings Week 8

by Dan M | Posted on Saturday, October 25th, 2014


With another exciting week of football under our belts, here are the Week 8 fantasy football quarterback rankings.


1. Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts
Andrew Luck is averaging 333 yards and 2.7 touchdowns per game. If that wasn’t enough, he has added 98 rushing yards and a pair of scores in seven games.
2. Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos
Peyton Manning broke Brett Favre’s career TD record last week and is averaging 308 yards and 3.2 TD passes per game. He has thrown three or more TD passes in five of the six games this year.
3. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers
Aaron Rodgers is averaging just 202.7 yards and 2.1 TD’s per game, but he has tossed 13 TD passes in his last four games.
4. Philip Rivers, San Diego Chargers
Philip Rivers is averaging 280.1 yards and 2.4 TD’s per game. He has fired multiple TD’s in his past six games.
5. Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints
Drew Brees is averaging 319.3 yards and 1.8 TD’s per game. He averaged 351 yds and a pair of TD’s in his past 3 games. 6. Tom Brady, New England Patriots
Tom Brady is averaging 304.7 yards and three TD’s in his past three games.
7. Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears
Jay Cutler is averaging 266.6 yards and a pair of TD’s per game.
8. Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys
Tony Romo is averaging 255.6 yards and two TD’s per game. He has 12 TD passes in the past five games.
9. Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions
Matthew Stafford is averaging 270.1 yards and 1.3 TD’s per game.
10. Nick Foles, Philadelphia Eagles
Nick Foles is averaging 271.3 yards and 1.7  TD passes per game. He also averages 8.8 rushing yard per game, which gives him a little added value.
The Next Batch
11. Matt Ryan, Falcons vs.  Lions
12. Cam Newton,  Panthers vs. Seahawks
13. Russell Wilson, Seahawks at Panthers
14. Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers vs. Colts
15. Carson Palmer, Cardinals vs. Eagles
16. Joe Flacco, Ravens at Bengals
17. Ryan Tannehill,  Dolphins at Jaguars
18. Andy Dalton, Bengals vs.Ravens
19. Alex Smith, Chiefs vs.  Rams
20. Kyle Orton, Bills at Jets


1. DeMarco Murray, Dallas Cowboys
DeMarco Murray recorded his seventh straight 100-yards game. He’s now averaging 130.4 yards and a touchdown on the ground. .
2. Jamaal Charles, Kansas City Chiefs
Jamaal Charles is averaging 99.7 total yards and 1.3 TD’s in his past three games. He’ll look to stay hot against the Rams who have have allowed 145 rushing ypg.
3. Marshawn Lynch, Seattle Seahawks
Beast Mode is averaging 94.2 total yds and a TD / game.
4. Arian Foster, Houston Texans
Arian Foster is averaging 126.5 total yards and a TD per game. He has compiled at least 100 yards in five of six games.
5. Matt Forte, Chicago Bears
Matt Forte is averaging 126.3 total yards and 0.7 TD’s per game. He has averaged 150.8 total yards and 1.3 touchdowns in his past four games.
6. LeSean McCoy, Philadelphia Eagles
LeSean McCoy is averaging 82.7 total yards. Prior to last week’s bye Shady ran for 149 yards against the New York Giants.
7. Le’Veon Bell, Pittsburgh Steelers
Le’Veon Bell is averaging 134 total yards and 0.3 TD’s per game. He has topped 100 total yards in every game.
8. Andre Ellington, Arizona Cardinals
Andre Ellington is averaging 108.8 total yards and 0.3 TD’s per game. He faces the Eagles whohave allowed 124.3 rushing ypg
9. Lamar Miller, Miami Dolphins
Lamar Miller is averaging 93.8 total yards and a TD over the past four games. He should stay hot against the Jags who have allowed 110.3 rushing ypg.
10. Giovani Bernard,Cincinnatti Bengals
Giovani Bernard is averaging 96.3 total yards and 0.7 touchdowns per game. He faces the Baltimore Ravens at home. Bernard had 110 total yards against them in Week 1. He’s averaging 126.7 total yards and scored all four of his touchdowns in home starts.
11. Ben Tate, Cleveland Browns
Ben Tate is averaging 69.8 yards and 0.5 TD’s per game. He faces the Raiders who have allowed 145.3 yards and a TD per game on the ground.
12. Joique Bell, Detroit Lions
Joique Bell is averaging 82 total yards and a TD the past two weeks. He faces the
Falcons who have allowed 137.7 yards and 1.9 touchdowns per game on the ground.
13. Shane Vereen, New England Patriots
Shane Vereen had 114 total yards and a pair of TD’s last week against the Jets.
14. Ronnie Hillman, Denver Broncos
Ronnie Hillman is averaging 109.5 total yards and a touchdown since taking over as the Broncos’ starting running back.
15. Eddie Lacy, Green Bay Packers
Eddie Lacy is averaging 76 total yards and a TD in his past four games. He faces the Saints who have allowed 103.2 yards and a touchdown per game.
The Next Batch
16. Branden Oliver,  Chargers at Broncos
17. Justin Forsett, Ravens at  Bengals
18. Mark Ingram,  Saints vs. Packers
19. Alfred Morris,  Redskins at Cowboys
20. Chris Ivory,  Jets  vs. Bills
21. Ahmad Bradshaw,  Colts at  Steelers
22. Doug Martin,  Buccaneers vs. Vikings
23. Jerick McKinnon,  Vikings at Bucs
24. Bishop Sankey,  Titans vs.  Texans
25. Darren McFadden, Raiders at  Browns

1. Julius Thomas, Denver Broncos
Julius Thomas is averaging 55.4 yards and 1.5 TD’s per game. He was held out of the end zone for the first time last week.
2. Rob Gronkowski,  Patriots
Gronk is averaging 58.4 yards and 0.6 TD’s per game. He’s averaging 87.3 yards the past three games as he has become  the focal point of the offense.
3. Greg Olsen, Carolina Panthers
Greg Olsen is averaging 70.4 yards and 0.8 TD’s per game. He’s averaging 79.7 yards and a TD in his last three games.
4. Martellus Bennett, Chicago Bears
Martellus Bennett is averaging 60.3 yards and 0.6 TD’s per game.
5. Antonio Gates, San Diego Chargers
Antonio Gates is averaging 51.9 yard and a touchdown per game. He has four scores in the past three games.
6. Jordan Reed, Washington Redskins
Jordan Reed is averaging 73 yards the past two weeks. Talent has never been an issue. Now that he’s healthy, he’s a solid option against the Dallas Cowboys.
7. Jimmy Graham, New Orleans Saints
Jimmy Graham was able to play last week, but he failed to catch a pass. He is a risk given his health, but you know what he can do if he’s somewhat healthy.
8. Jordan Cameron, Cleveland Browns
Jordan Cameron was held to five yards last as the Browns were terrible. He had 102 yards and a score the previous week. Oakland allows 1.8 TD passes per game.

9. Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs
Travis Kelce is averaging 51.2 yards and 0.5 touchdowns. He faces the Rams who have allowed 1.8 TD passes per game.
10. Dwayne Allen, Indianapolis Colts
Dwayne Allen is averaging 43.6 yards and 0.7 TD’s. He has four scores in his past five games. He’ll look to extend his scoring spree against the Steelers.
The Next Batch
11. Jason Witten, Cowboys vs. Redskins
12. Delanie Walker,  Titans vs.Texans
13. Jared Cook,  Rams at Chiefs
14. Zach Ertz, Eagles at  Cardinals
15. Heath Miller,  Steelers vs. Colts
16. Owen Daniels,  Ravens at  Bengals
17. Coby Fleener,  Colts at Steelers
18. Clay Harbor,  Jaguars vs. Dolphins


1. Demaryius Thomas, Denver Broncos
Demaryius Thomas is averaging 110.3 yards and a touchdown per game. He has really stepped up his game averaging 173.7 yards and 1.7 touchdowns in his past three games. Thomas should stay hot against the San Diego Chargers. He averaged 76.5 yards and 1.5 touchdowns against them last year.
2. Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh Steelers
Antonio Brown is averaging 102.7 yards and 0.7 touchdowns per game. He even threw a touchdown pass last week. Brown has had at least 84 yards in every game. Next up is the Indianapolis Colts.
3. Dez Bryant, Dallas Cowboys
Dez Bryant is averaging 84.3 yards per game after ripping the New York Giants for 151 yards last week. He has four touchdowns in seven games. Look for Dez to stay hot against the Washington Redskins. They have allowed 2.1 touchdown passes per game.
4. Jordy Nelson, Green Bay Packers
Jordy Nelson is averaging 101.7 yards and 0.9 touchdowns. He has five scores in his past four games. He faces the New Orleans Saints. The Saints have allowed 270.5 yards and 1.8 touchdown passes per game.
5. Randall Cobb, Green Bay Packers
Randall Cobb is averaging 64.6 yards and 1.1 touchdowns per game. He also has five TD’s in the past four games.
6. Julio Jones, Atlanta Falcons
Julio Jones is averaging 96.6 yards and 0.4 touchdowns per game. The Falcons won’t be able to run on the Detroit Lions so look for plenty of Jones in this one.
7.  Brandon Marshall, Chicago Bears
Brandon Marshall is averaging 49.9 yards and 0.7 touchdowns. The Bears offense needs to improve and it starts with Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall. The Bears face the New England Patriots this week.
8. Jeremy Maclin, Philadelphia Eagles
Jeremy Maclin is averaging 74.2 yards and 0.7 touchdowns per game. He should benefit from last week’s bye as the Eagles face the Arizona Cardinals. The Cards have allowed 284.8 yards and 1.7 touchdowns per game.
9. T.Y. Hilton, Indianapolis Colts
T.Y. Hilton is averaging 101.6 yards on the year and 121.6 yards in his past five games.
10. Alshon Jeffery, Chicago Bears
Alshon Jeffery is averaging 72 yards and 0.3 touchdowns per game. He averaged 94.3 yards and 0.5 TD’s in Weeks 3-6 before recording just nine yards last week.
11. Vincent Jackson, Buccaneers
Vincent Jackson is 64.3 yards and 0.5 touchdowns in his past four games.
12. Emmanuel Sanders, Denver Broncos
Emmanuel Sanders is averaging 85.7 yards per game. He scored his first touchdown of the season last week. .
13. Golden Tate, Detroit Lions
Golden Tate is averaging 92.7 yards and 0.3 touchdowns per game. He’s averaging 112 yards and 0.5 touchdowns in his past four games. He should stay hot against the Falcons. Atlanta has allowed 274.4 passing yards per game.
14. Mike Wallace, Miami Dolphins
Mike Wallace is averaging 59.8 yards per game but has scored a touchdown in five of six games. That trend could continue against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jags have allowed 280.1 yards and 1.7 touchdowns per game.
15. Steve Smith, Baltimore Ravens
Steve Smith is averaging 91.4 yards and 0.6 touchdowns per game. He faces the Cincinnati Bengals again. He had 118 yards and a TD against them in Week 1.
16. Michael Floyd, Arizona Cardinals
Michael Floyd is averaging 58.8 yards per game and has scored the past two weeks. He should be busy against the Eagles.
17. Andre Johnson, Houston Texans
Andre Johnson is averaging 70.9 yards per game. He faces the Tennessee Titans. The Titans have allowed 247.9 yards and 1.7 touchdown passes per game.
18. Terrance Williams, Dallas Cowboys
Terrance Williams is averaging 48.3 yards and 0.9 touchdowns. He has scored in five of seven games. He had 111 yards and a touchdown in two games against the Redskins last year.
19. DeSean Jackson, Redskins
DeSean Jackson is averaging 75.4 yards and 0.4 touchdowns. His big play ability will be needed against the Cowboys.
20. Sammy Watkins, Buffalo Bills
Sammy Watkins is averaging 61.9 yards and 0.6 touchdowns. He faces the New York Jets. The Jets have allowed 18 touchdown passes already.
The Next Batch
21. Kelvin Benjamin, Panthers vs. Seattle
22. Cecil Shorts III, Jaguars vs. Dolphins
23. Brandin Cooks,  Saints vs. Packers
24. DeAndre Hopkins,  Texans at  Titans
25. Larry Fitzgerald,  Cardinals vs.  Eagles
26. Kendall Wright,  Titans at  Texans
27. Pierre Garcon,  Redskins at Cowboys
28. Keenan Allen,  Chargers at Broncos
29. Reggie Wayne,  Colts at Steelers
30. Mohamed Sanu,  Bengals vs. Ravens
31. Wes Welker, Broncos vs. Chargers
32. Brandon LaFell,  Patriots  vs. Bears
33. Marques Colston,  Saints vs. Packers
34. Justin Hunter,  Titans at Texans
35. Brian Quick,  Rams at Chiefs
36. Julian Edelman,  Patriots vs. Bears
37. Eric Decker,  Jets vs.  Bills
38. Roddy White,  Falcons vs. Lions
39. Torrey Smith,  Ravens at Bengals
40. Andre Holmes,  Raiders at Browns

1. Stephen Gostkowski, Patriots
2. Dan Bailey, Dallas Cowboys
3. Justin Tucker, Baltimore Ravens
4. Steven Hauschka, Seattle Seahawks
5. Adam Vinatieri, Indianapolis Colts
6. Cody Parkey, Philadelphia Eagles
7. Mason Crosby, Green Bay Packers
8. Brandon McManus, Denver Broncos
9. Matt Prater, Detroit Lions
10.  Nick Novak, San Diego Chargers

1. Buffalo Bills
2. Miami Dolphins
3. Cleveland Browns
4. Seattle Seahawks
5. Houston Texans
6. Detroit Lions
7. Philadelphia Eagles
8. Dallas Cowboys
9. Tampa Bay Buccaneeers
10. Baltimore Ravens


Nick Foles, QB, Philadelphia Eagles
Tony Romo, QB, Dallas Cowboys
Ahmad Bradshaw, RB, Indianapolis Colts
Chris Ivory, RB, New York Jets
Mark Ingram, RB, New Orleans Saints
Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Arizona Cardinals
Marques Colston, WR, New Orleans Saints
Dwayne Allen, TE, Indianapolis Colts
Jordan Reed, TE, Washington Redskins
Dallas Cowboys Defense
Detroit Lions Defense
Houston Texans Defense

Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Steelers
Joe Flacco, QB, Baltimore Ravens
Chris Johnson, RB, New York Jets
Steven Jackson, RB, Atlanta Falcons
Andre Holmes, WR, Oakland Raiders
Eric Decker, WR, New York Jets
Roddy White, WR, Atlanta Falcons
Heath Miller, TE, Pittsburgh Steelers
Owen Daniels, TE, Baltimore Ravens
Cincinnati Bengals Defense
Denver Broncos Defense
San Diego Chargers Defene

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