New Christian Golf magazine coming out

by Dan M | Posted on Saturday, February 28th, 2015


By Tom Ward
Special Contributor

There’s a new golf publication coming out next week that is unlike any other golf magazine anyone has ever seen before.
‘The Mulligan Magazine’ is the first golf publication devoted for the Christian golfer. As you know a mulligan in golf is a second chance after a bad shot-it’s a gift from your fellow golfer that doesn’t get recorded on your scorecard. That’s fine in golf, but in life, only God can give you a mulligan or second chance- through his love , mercy and grace according to pub
lisher Dann Lemerand.
During my recent conversation with Mr. Lemerand I asked him to tell me how he came up with the idea of having a Christian golf publication?
Lemerand recalled, “It really started after I read Wally Armstrong’s book “The Mulligan”. I realized that the guys up here in the north that go down to different areas in the south to play golf really didn’t look for places of worship while we were on long weekend trips. The original idea was to potentially connect guys like myself here in Michigan with churches in warmer climates in the winter. I came to the realization that I wasn’t learning more about the people I was playing with during the round as I was more focused on the game of golf and not on the fellowship. After reading Wally’s book it really changed my heart and my attitude towards the game and where the game fits into the overall experience of golf in general. The idea was to connect churches and courses with people that were traveling and it turned into much more of a way for men and woman as well as families that want to share the gospel as part of the game. It ended up turning into a media outlet, if you will, of how we can honor and glorify God through a game that is so much fun. You make a conscious effort to share the gospel when and where you can learn more about the other three golfers in your group that you are golfing with.”
Lemerand mentioned to me that the golfing public got its first official look at the Mulligan Magazine at the recently concluded PGA Merchandise show in Orlando, Florida. The magazine will feature practical golf instruction and interviews with Christian golfers. It will have stories on equipment, fitness, golf course and travel recommendations as well as churches near your favorite golf getaway.
What do you hope to accomplish with your magazine?
Lemerand said, “for the golfers that are Christians already,  it’s all about sharing about what God has done in their lives. The goal is to be a seed planting opportunity to share other golf ministries and events that are going on across the country where non-believers or seekers have the opportunity to spend time with men and woman that are saved that want to be able to share the gospel in an open forum where golf is the common denominator. Along the way partnering with several golf ministries across the country as we can. We will be publicizing those events for those ministries to help spread the word and more importantly the end goal is that believers will share the magazine with a non believer as a seed planting opportunity. The possibility that the magazine will help somebody learn more about Christ as their savior is the ultimate goal.”
Lemerand added, “as a group of golfers that are part of the business side of golf we talk a lot about growing the game and changing the way people perceive golf because it’s hard and expensive. We are losing a lot of golfers at a higher rate than we are gaining and I think part of our mission is other than to share the gospel is to bring people up through the game by having a venue like the U.S. Kids golf program and other junior golf associations around the country where the future of the game is. Our publication is family friendly with zero questionable content is the mainstay of why we are doing this. The magazine serves to help you not only improve your golf game, but also to open the hearts and minds of golfers everywhere about the wonderful “mulligan” God has so freely offered- salvation through him.”
To learn how you can become a subscriber of this exciting new golf publication visit their website at
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