Golf Center of Arlington honored

by Dan M | Posted on Saturday, November 28th, 2015



Congratulations to the Golf Center of Arlington for being chosen “One of the top 50 Golf Ranges in the United States” by the Golf Range Association of America (GRAA).
Mauricio Galante, who is the owner and operator of the Golf Center of Arlington along with his wife Larissa, told me they were excited to be given the prestigious award.  The Galante’s will pick up their award in late January 2016 at the annual PGA show in Orlando.
Galante said, “We were voted top 50 in the “Stand Alone” category which means driving range only. They have categories for par 3’s with driving range and golf courses with driving ranges so we were selected as driving range only.”
Mauricio and Larissa, who are native Brazilians, received the good news last week.  The announcement came prior to them installing the High Tec Protracer device which gives them a rare distinction as being only the second location in the U.S. to have this technology.
It’s amazing what this dynamic couple has done transforming a rundown driving range into one of the best facilities in the entire country. There isn’t a more deserving couple to receive such accolades and recognition for their tireless efforts to take the golfing experience to a new level in the city of Arlington.
To learn more about their top-notch golf center visit

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  1. john malizia says:

    Well done Maurício and Larissa, I am very proud of what you guys have done with hard work and imagination. Your friend Mr John

  2. John Malizia says:

    Well done Maurico and Larissa! I am very proud of what you guys have done with hard work and imagination. Your friend, Mr. John

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