Tom’s Tip: Connect with the swing

by Dan M | Posted on Saturday, October 29th, 2016


As we head into fall the weather is ideal to get out and
practice or play golf. This week’s golf drill is all about staying
connected in your swing.
In my travels around the world teaching I see a lot of golfers
battling the classic “over the top” move which happens when players
try to hit the ball harder forcing the club to travel outside-in on
the downswing.
In the photo is a college golfer demonstrating the drill while
we were out practicing at the Golf Center of Arlington. This golfer,
like a lot of players, is right handed. His right side is controlling
too much of the swing at the inappropriate time causing some major
issues in his game.
For this drill I had the golfer hit some shots with only his
right hand. As he takes the club to about level high (bottom left
photo) notice the arrow pointing at his right elbow. Prior to this new
adjustment he was experiencing problems whereby the right elbow was
separated too far from the body on the takeaway which caused him to
lift the club too steeply upwards instead of allowing the club to
swing around his body on the correct swing path relative to his
physical build.
The bottom right photo shows the golfer continuing upwards as
he completes the backswing. As you can see, the right elbow is tucked
in nicely to the body giving him great leverage.
I’ve drawn a line down the trunk of his body to highlight the
importance of staying in the posture you’ve established on the initial
setup. Listen, we’re human, not machines…there will be some minor
movement as you make the swing, but not enough to pull out of the
Finally, the top photo is the payoff as the golfer hit a perfect
shot down the fairway. The arrow pointing at his legs illustrates the
great leg work as the knees have remained flexed through impact which
means he’s creating an ideal pulling action in the swing.
The golfer has maintained posture throughout the swing, never
deviating from that position which is important. The right arm has
remained extended well past impact as he crisply contacts the ball
while remaining in perfect balance from start to finish.
This isn’t an easy drill as most golfers will try to hit the
ball by flailing at it with their hands and wrists which results in
topping or whiffing the ball completely.
A little attention to detail by remaining committed to the
sequence shown will reap big dividends in the long run… if you give
this drill a chance.
You can do the drill in the backyard, or at home or office
(without a ball) a few minutes a day. Once you place both hands back
on the club it will feel like shooting fish in a barrel because the
feedback is immediate and long lasting.
If you want to get your golf swing back on track while enjoying
the fall weather this drill will help make a real connection.
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