How to Release your Right Side for Power

by Dan M | Posted on Friday, March 31st, 2017

Untitled-1(5)TOM WARD
This week’s golf tip is all about unleashing the power that’s
been stored up in your backswing back into the ball. For this drill I
have a right handed golfer demonstrating the proper technique. If your
left handed just reverse the sequence.
In the photos on the right is one of my students, Jose Guzman.
Jose is a former Major League Baseball pitcher for the Texas Rangers
who knew how to deliver a fast ball in the 90 mph plus range. He knew
the importance of releasing his right side as he began his transition
from the top of his windup to the release of the ball as he threw it
at the batter waiting at home plate. The two photos showcase the
exercise with Jose using an elastic resistance cord attached to a beam
at the driving range.
The top photograph is the correct motion and the bottom photo is
the incorrect motion.
I had Jose get into his normal golf stance and then move far
enough away from the beam, with the cord, to create a greater degree
of resistance. Next, I had him grab the handle with his right hand.
There is no need to make a backswing in this exercise so I had him
start from his initial setup position. Then I had him slowly pull the
cord towards what would be his imaginary target like the green or
The key to releasing the right side power is to not inhibit the
body or arms to block all your energy while making the downswing move.
The top photo you can clearly see how Jose has allowed his right arm
to pull the cord through correctly as you can see his right forearm
has turned over well past the impact area about waist level high. All
his energy and power is going towards his target compared to the
bottom photo where is energy is going up and away to the right of his
intended target causing a major power leakage.
Take a close look at the circles I’ve drawn around his right
hand. The bottom photo shows how he is coming up and out of posture
and the right hand and forearm is open, which means he would have lost
the shot thin and to the right of the target…all with a loss of
There is an ‘X’ near his waist in both photos to show the huge
gap discrepancy. The arrow in the top photo highlights how well his
right knee is kicking inwards toward the target as compared to the
bottom photo where you can see how his right leg is stagnant.
I recommend doing this drill every day for a few minutes because
the benefits are immediate and plentiful. This isolation exercise is
designed to pinpoint the importance of how the right arm functions in
the golf swing it will help build strength and prevent injury.
Also, look at how well his right shoulder is working down and
under in the top photo compared to the bottom photo. When done
properly it’s similar to a boxer making a powerful uppercut punch.
Doing this exercise on a daily basis will help you release all
that stored up energy you’ve created in your backswing and soon you’ll
be delivering a knockout blow not only to the golf ball, but to your
opponents as well.

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